But I don’t have time or money.

“I’m too busy, I don’t have enough time.”

“I don’t have any extra money after the bills are paid.”

These are the two excuses that I hear the most when it comes to why people don’t start preparing their families.  Pardon me for being a bit harsh by saying that they are excuses, I could have said ‘reasons’ but then you might think that they are valid. Stay with me here for a second….

If you ever get an email from me, you might notice the signature line at the bottom.  For the sake of those who haven’t received an email from me, I’ll include it below:

If something is important to you, you’ll find a way. If it isn’t, you’ll find an excuse.
An excuse can be found for anything we don’t want to do, but when something becomes important to us, we will move mountains to make it happen.  Right?  Just think with me for  a minute.
  • A dear old friend comes to town unexpectedly, you change your plans so you can meet for lunch.
  • A family member is involved in a horrible car crash or has a life threatening illness.  You drop whatever you are doing and get to them as fast as humanly possible, sometimes spending days or weeks or more at their bedside.  All of your regular life responsibilities are set aside or taken over by someone else.  Am I right?
So too, when preparing becomes important to us, when we finally see the reasons behind it, we find a way to make it happen.  We cut back in other areas so there is room in the budget, or we rearrange our time priorities to make room for a task that needs to be accomplished.
My point is, you’ll find a way if it’s important to you.  You should know that I’m not just preaching this, I know from whence I speak.  I am living it;
  • Family of 8
  • Work for the state, we are lucky if we get a COLA increase each year. (We are at the mercy of the State Legislature and their budget voting whims)  We’ve gone 5 years with barely even that. (I know we signed up for that, just saying how it is)
  • I love need to find bargains
  • I hate to pay shipping costs
  • I save up my Amazon orders until I can get free shipping
  • I cut coupons
  • search for discount codes
  • buy used when possible
  • combine errands
  • Tell my kids “no, we can’t afford that” much more than I am comfortable with
  • penny pinch as much as possible and somehow we make it work.

I also hate to waste time.  A 30 hour day with 6 hours to myself to get all that I need done, would be fantastic. I love the book “Cheaper by the Dozen”  Not the new one, the classic autobiographical one.  There is a term used in that book that has stuck with me for years.  ~Motion Studies~

The father character Frank Gilbreth (who was a real person) teaches his children to be very efficient in their tasks.  He teaches them not to waste movements.  He teaches them to save time. It’s a great read-aloud by the way.
Anyway, what I’m getting at is that if we can save time, and money, then we are able to use that time and money for other important things, like preparing our families.
One of my favorite blogs, surprisingly not a Preparedness blog, is actually a blogging blog.  I have learned a great deal about this foreign language we call blogging from the very generous person that runs it.  The site is called amylynnandrews.com.  Today she announced a collaboration with several other bloggers to offer an e-book bundle for an amazing price of $10!  There are 5 E-books and all are geared towards saving moms TIME and MONEY. That’s what we need right?  More time and more money.
You know that each dollar saved is actually worth about $1.28.  (Depending on your tax bracket) So the more money we save, the less our Hard Working Husbands have to work to earn the same $1.   ‘A penny saved, is a penny earned” should really be “A penny saved is 1.28 cents you don’t have to earn”    This is coming out as a ramble, but what I’m trying to say is that saving money takes less ‘motions’ than earning it to get the same effect.  Does that make sense?  So doing everything in our power to hold on to the money that our family earns is a lesson in “Motion Studies”.  Read the book, you’ll understand 🙂


You can see all details on the E-book bundle here, They are calling it a Back to School Boost for Moms.

I call it “Save time and Money so you can spend it on more important things”

No more excuses 🙂


Disclosure- This post may contain affiliate links. I use affiliate links to offer you great deals and direct to particular products that may be of interest to you in your journey to preparedness.  You’re Welcome. 🙂


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