Car charger for your car kit

If you are my husband or daughter, just go ahead and skip this post.  Carry on.

Just a quick note today so you can snag this vital piece of equipment while it’s a deal.  We rely on our cell phones when we are out and about on regular days…and even more so in an emergency.  Right now we have one of these between our 3 vehicles and it’s not enough.

I just noticed that the Motorola micro-USB car charger is on Amazon for just over $5.00.  I have no idea how long it will stay this price so grab a couple and stuff them in some stockings then immediately into your car kits.

Click on the image to link to the page where they are.

Yea! Check that off the list. Anyone know where I can get an equally inexpensive iPhone car charger?

What do you think?