Evacuating your home 101 – Start here

IPlease note:  This is a multi-part series, but I promise that it is completely worth it.   Something is coming or has just happened.  It might be a natural disaster like an earthquake, volcano eruption, flood or a raging wild-fire,  or maybe extreme weather is headed your way like a tornado or hurricane. It could even be an industrial or transportation accident like a toxic cloud from … [Read more...]

Hospital comfort kit for kids

  Going to the Hospital is never a fun thing.  Ok, I suppose it's fun if you are going to visit a new baby brother or sister but most often we end up there because something is wrong.  As parents, we've spent our share of time at hospitals like Shriners for Children for various reasons.  You probably have too, and if not, you know someone, a friend or family member who has. In between … [Read more...]

Hospital Emergency Kit

Why does it seem like it's always after hours or on a weekend when the kids or hubby 'decide' to get sick or injured? What is that about anyway? At least that is how it seems to happen at my house. Our last adventure happened at 11:30 pm. Our oldest child (19) was as a friend's home for the night (40 minutes away) and we get a call from the friends dad. In the background, we can hear our child … [Read more...]

How does your garden grow?

YEAH, Spring is upon us...I can feel it in the air, shirt sleeve weather is right around the corner. You know what that means right? Time to get the garden started.  I've had such fun pinning to my 'GO outside' Pinterest board. This board holds all things outdoors.  Right now the big focus is my garden.  I've planted gardens on and off for several years now.  My methods seem to swing depending … [Read more...]