Canning chicken, you can do it at home

Pictures coming soon as I can find the camera and upload them..:) Tina, one of my beautiful and intelligent readers, found a fantastic deal on chicken and remembered that I had mentioned that I'd be posting about bottling or canning chicken, so she took the plunge, bought chicken in bulk and requested that I HURRY UP and post the directions.  Well, I didn't exactly go like that, she … [Read more...]

Food Storage 101 Wendy DeWitt style ‘How-to’

Food Storage How-to seminar, given Nov 2008 I belong to a large home-school group, this is a group of fantastic and generous Moms who do now, or have home-schooled their children at some point.  Occasionally we have what we call a Mom's Night Out or MNO. The is organized by one of the moms who invites whoever is interested in the topic to come and learn/discuss/chat about it. We've had MNO's … [Read more...]

Drip, Drip, Drip – how to get your freezer ready for a power outage

Today started out like any other day that has nothing on the calendar. (Note: nothing on the calendar DOES NOT mean that there is nothing to do, it just means I don't have to leave the house unless I choose to, the kids actually think that any blank day is water park day for them...ummm.  NOPE) So, after fighting off the kids I pondered which one of the myriad things on my list I would tackle … [Read more...]

Should I get rid of my 2 year old bottled fruit?

Have you ever bottled fruit, veggies, or meat?  Do you have bottles sitting on your shelves that you processed more than 24 months ago?  Don't know?  Go check, I'll wait. If you have any bottled foods from 2010 or before then you are in trouble...At least that's what a local news station said in a recently run story. According to the Utah State Extension Service , “As a general rule, … [Read more...]

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Bottle Meat

If you have never canned, or bottled anything before now is the time to start, and canning meat is a logical place to begin. Here are my 10 reasons why you should bottle your own meat: 1. You choose Ingredients You know what comes out of the bottle because you control what goes into it. Most commercially canned meats have added salt or other ingredients.  I don't add salt to my bottles.  I … [Read more...]

Evacuating your Home 101- Box 10 – The Food Kit

Make sure to read the rest of the series, it starts here. Please Note: I don't have a picture for this post yet but rest assured, I'll find a suitable pic soon. Considering all the evacuating that is going on in Utah and other states right now, I decided that the picture in the post wasn't the most important thing, acting on the information is. Box  #10, Portable Pantry - The Food … [Read more...]

Evacuating your Home 101- Box 9 – The Kitchen box

The Kitchen Box Container Suggestions: Rubbermaid tote, wooden box (If you jumped into this series on this post, you’ll want to head back to the beginning so it makes sense.  The first post in the series is here, then follow the links for the rest of the series.) The possibilities for this box are wide open.  It can be as simple and cheap as a couple of plastic bins (remember that these … [Read more...]