How to Get Rid of Warts, without duct tape

They are unsightly, embarrassing and often painful if they pop up in the wrong place. Warts are a pain, in more ways than one.  Have you had a wart that just would not go away? I have and with 6 kids we've tried all kinds of things from freezing to burning to drug store remedies to duct tape (yep...even went there :/ ) I've even made my own concoctions with essential oil blend recipes that I … [Read more...]

The Practical Prepper and Ricocheting

I finally found it. I'm going to let you into my brain just a little, but be careful because things tend to ricochet around in there quite a bit.  I read a lot, mostly non-fiction,  and so my brain is quite the repository of random bits of knowledge.   Sometimes it's organized and other times there is no rhyme or reason to how all those bits are filed. If you've read my blog for any amount … [Read more...]

CPR Are We Doing it Right ?

Please don't turn me in to the Grammar Police.  'CPR are we doing it right ?'  should really be.... 'are we doing it correctly'  but that is beside the point.  Read on... I took my first CPR course in college.  I still remember... the alcohol wipes for resusci-annies mouth,  I hated when they were referred to in print as 'manakins'  What?  it's mannequin.  what is with the phonetic … [Read more...]

Kidney Stones – the rest of the story

This is the post where you find out how the Kidney stone saga ends.  I'm sorry to keep you hanging for so long.  If you aren't following this continuing drama then go ahead and move along, nothing to see here. When last we left our hero....oh wait, that's not it... Oh yea,  We left the ER for the second time and hoped that darn stone would pass quickly.  They'd told us that the stone was 4 … [Read more...]

Hindsight and Kidney Stones

This is a journal entry of a recent experience but there is a point and something to be learned at the end. It was Sunday night and his pain started suddenly while driving home from an errand.  It ramped up quickly after he came in the house.  He was doubled over with severe groin pain, like he had been kicked.  (I didn't do it :)   After some quick google-ing (is that a word)  it looked … [Read more...]

Canker Sore – No More

It's Tuesday and I'm back with a Tuesday Tip for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy! It seems that the canker uglies have struck again.  If you have kids, and even if you don't, you can't help but have canker sores ever now and again.  There's not really a consensus on what causes them but I know what will cure them and I'm going to let you in on the a minute. So here's how it goes … [Read more...]

How to be Prepared on a Disney vacation

Do you know how to be prepared, even on a Disney vacation? Is it even possible?  I think so. We recently returned from a family vacation to Southern California.  It had been almost 10 years since our family had been on a 'real' vacation. (Subjectively defined)  Sure we'd been camping and to family reunions and stuff like that but I'm talking about hotels, tickets, theme parks and that kind of … [Read more...]

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Evacuating your home 101 – Box 7- Family First-Aid Kit

Box # 7 - Family First- Aid Kit Container suggestions: Fishing tackle box, soft sided bag with lots of compartments, Paramedic bag (this would be for the someone who needed lots of volume or intended to care for lots of people.  Like an EMT or other first responder)   (If you jumped into this series on this post, you'll want to head back to the beginning so it makes sense.  The first … [Read more...]

Evacuating your home 101, Box 3 – The Nuclear kit

Box #3 - The Nuclear Kit   Container: Steel ammo can (army surplus stores are a great place to get one)   (If you jumped into this series on this post, you'll want to head back to the beginning so it makes sense.  The first post in the series can be found here, then follow the links for the rest of the series.) Prior to 9/11/01 there were a few 'extremists' talking about the … [Read more...]

Hospital comfort kit for kids

  Going to the Hospital is never a fun thing.  Ok, I suppose it's fun if you are going to visit a new baby brother or sister but most often we end up there because something is wrong.  As parents, we've spent our share of time at hospitals like Shriners for Children for various reasons.  You probably have too, and if not, you know someone, a friend or family member who has. In between … [Read more...]