The Practical Prepper and Ricocheting

I finally found it. I'm going to let you into my brain just a little, but be careful because things tend to ricochet around in there quite a bit.  I read a lot, mostly non-fiction,  and so my brain is quite the repository of random bits of knowledge.   Sometimes it's organized and other times there is no rhyme or reason to how all those bits are filed. If you've read my blog for any amount … [Read more...]

Strength Through the Storm

Sometimes when I talk to people who are new to preparedness or reluctant to start, I find, and many admit, that they are so afraid of the future and what it could bring, that they don't even want to be here to experience it. In other words, they'd rather be dead. Every time I hear that it takes me aback just a bit.  I wonder why these people feel they don't have the strength or fight in them to … [Read more...]

No Fear – Quote for the day

  Self-reliance is work, there is no doubt about that.  We aren't preparing for happy things, but for the unexpected and sometimes really hard things that come our way.  Thinking about those things can sometimes cause fear to creep in to our minds and that makes it even harder to move towards being ready for anything. I came a cross this quote the other day and I liked the message so much … [Read more...]