10-33 The radio call you never want to hear.

It's Sunday and the thoughts below are one of my random musings, this time brought on by a horrible event in a neighboring town. (FYI 10-33 means Officer needs assistance, in this case it came over the radio as unintelligible noise) The following is directed at no one in particular, or perhaps a certain few…or perhaps just the universe I’m not sure at this moment. I just need to get it … [Read more...]

Kidney Stones – the rest of the story

This is the post where you find out how the Kidney stone saga ends.  I'm sorry to keep you hanging for so long.  If you aren't following this continuing drama then go ahead and move along, nothing to see here. When last we left our hero....oh wait, that's not it... Oh yea,  We left the ER for the second time and hoped that darn stone would pass quickly.  They'd told us that the stone was 4 … [Read more...]

Eight is NOT enough, Tears for Boston

It's Monday at 5 pm on April 15th, 2013.   A day that is notoriously dreaded in the USA because we usually have to hand over our hard-earned money to the government in the form of income taxes. For some, that reason doesn't even exist anymore.  Instead April 15th will be the anniversary of the worst day of their lives, one family will forever be reminded of the horrific tragic loss of their … [Read more...]

Hindsight and Kidney Stones

This is a journal entry of a recent experience but there is a point and something to be learned at the end. It was Sunday night and his pain started suddenly while driving home from an errand.  It ramped up quickly after he came in the house.  He was doubled over with severe groin pain, like he had been kicked.  (I didn't do it :)   After some quick google-ing (is that a word)  it looked … [Read more...]

Baby Chicks, bringing them home

This post is part of a series, please start here Oh the novelty of baby animals. With eight people in the family we have a rather large kitchen table.  It's a conference table that we bought second had to contain all of our people at meal time.  Much to my chagrin, those people keep getting bigger and delight in their new-found independence and outside activities, and most of the time we … [Read more...]

The Phone Call

This is the Second in a series, please start on this post. I think I'll blame the Scouts....the cub scouts in particular.  They have this thing called belt loops.  Cubs can earn belt loops for doing different things.  Sports, Academics, COLLECTING.  Collecting?  Like we need one more thing in this house.  With 6 kids and all their stuff do we really want to encourage this behavior?  Um NO!  … [Read more...]

To Chicken or Not to Chicken? That is the Question

This post is unique in that it has taken me almost a whole year of blood, sweat, and tears to get it to this point.  It will probably end up being a series because you didn't come here to read a novel, but I'll start from the beginning and see where it goes. We live in a small-town rural-ish area and built our house on a lot that is about 4/10ths of an acre in size. If you can't picture that it … [Read more...]

I did say Hiccups

Hic......Hic......Hic....don't you just hate the hiccups. Those little unexpected, out-of-the-blue, spasms in your diaphram that catch you off guard? Well I mentioned that in the process of my blog redesign that there might be a hiccup ( or hicough if you prefer) or two during the change over. Found one. The email subscribe box is a dead-end and takes you nowhere. I'm so sorry about that and … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolutions…and some fun changes

This year I made some resolutions. I don't usually make resolutions because I am perfect in every way.. HAHAHAHA I don't usually keep them but since I have some accountability buddies (you, my darling and intelligent readers)  I thought I might have a better chance of keeping those resolutions.  At least the blogging ones. One of them is to write more, to post more.  I've been kind of ....well, … [Read more...]

Use it up, wear it out….even for Christmas

I was raised to Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do without.   As a child having to finish that box of cereal that I didn't like before opening the 'good' cereal or wearing good usable clothes from the thrift store instead of buying the new fashions that 'all my friends were wearing' was a tough pill to swallow.  Now I'm all grown up and I see the wisdom in that mantra and...mwahaha (evil … [Read more...]