Camp kitchen, Chuck box, Field kitchen, what do YOU call it?

Since you are here, it’s likely that you might be the type that wants to DIY it or maybe customization is appealing to you.  In that case you can certainly build your own.  It will take tools and time but it’s very doable.


The internet abounds with options of plans purchase or download so you can BIY (Build it yourself).

Here are just a few that you’ll find with a quick search:


  • REI, the sporting goods retailer shares these plans, complete with cut list. This box is smaller but still functional.  LOVE REI!


  • Boyslife magazine shared this basic version.  Many of the others are based on this simple design. This one would make a great project to do with a child because it’s not too complicated.

Don’t let the thought of an involved project like this stop you from doing it.

Click the NEXT button to find out how the Great-gramma next door did it and why you have absolutely no excuse for not tackling this project.


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