Day 1 – Earthquake prep – Water

On the agenda for today:  Water

Earthquake prep water

Water is not the most exciting topic to write about…but because water is such a vital thing to have around I chose to put it right at the top of the list.  In an earthquake we should plan on not having our usual lives for a time.  Utilities could be disrupted and water might not be flowing how we are used to it flowing.

Water is a such a simple thing to store yet so few of us do it.  It’s free and easy if we can just remember to do it.  We can certainly buy water at the store.  Or we can use what we have and get it done.  I like to use the soda or juice bottles that seem to multiply in my home. They are easy to clean out and refill with tap water when we have it available.  I’ll bet that the majority of us have a soda or juice bottle somewhere in our homes…and I’ll be that most of us would get water if we turned on our faucets at this very minute.  I’ll wait if you want to go test my theory.

The task for today is to clean out and fill up some water containers.  They can be soda or juice bottles or if you have a little more money lying around, go grab some stackable 5 gallon water cubes or other awesome water container options here.  (Click on ‘Water Containers’)   We want to store enough water for our families drinking, cooking and minor hygiene needs for at least 2 weeks.  Plan on 1 gallon per person per day at a minimum.  This amount doesn’t include water used for clothes washing, toilet flushing  or bathing.  Check out this article for more info on storing water.

The second thing I’m tackling today is placing an order for some Quake hardware items for my furniture, framed photos, cabinets etc.  I’ll have these in a few days and I’ll show you how I’m using them.

Ready, Go fill those bottles.

What do you think?