Earthquake in 3 weeks, are you ready?

eq richter-scale

No no no…I’m not predicting anything.  I  pray that we NEVER have another earthquake anywhere but I know that is not realistic.  Instead I’ll start praying that I can do the things that will help my family be safer when it does happen.

The fact is; Many of us live in Earthquake country.  Personally I live very close to faults that are overdue for the BIG ONE.  Moving is not an option so I get to hunker down and do what I can to mitigate damage and injuries right here.

I had a convo with a friend yesterday that got me thinking.  What if earthquakes gave us some warning?  I mean hurricanes give us a bit of a heads-up right, Why not earthquakes?  Doesn’t seem quite fair does it?

So today and for the next couple of weeks I’m pretending that I’ve been given an earthquake warning, time to prepare, and boy am I going to get on it this time.  If you remember, last year we had a small 2.8 shake that alarmed us….but life quickly got back to its normal craziness and not much was accomplished earthquake wise.

I write for Lisa Bedford at and asked our writer group about this yesterday.  “What would be your top priority if you knew an Earthquake would happen in the next 3 weeks?”  She put the question out to her readers on her Facebook page and the response was quick.  Within an hour or so there were over 150 replies of things people would do if they had 3 weeks to prepare for an earthquake.  The problem is that many of the things listed cost money.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a ton of extra money in my budget to pick up my family and move to a non-earthquake zone or buy Earthquake insurance.  Have you priced that stuff…it’s absolutely ridiculously expensive. Certainly not within my budget.

The things I’ll be sharing will cost you little or nothing because that fits my wallet situation a lot better.

So I’ve made a list of a dozen or things that need to be addressed in my house to make it safer for my family should and earthquake occur. My plan is to FIX. Remedy, Mitigate each of these issues. One (or more) each day (or every other day) for the next couple of weeks.  If you follow along at your house we’ll both be a LOT more ready for the shaking than we are at this moment.  Make sure you follow along by email or Facebook so you don’t miss anything.

ALERT:  You will see photos and maybe video (if I get brave) that might alarm you. Hi,I’m Andrea and I have piles of stuff.  Mutant piles that tend to multiply in the dark.  If there is a horizontal surface in my house it has piles of stuff on it.  I like to blame it on my 6 kids but the reality is that they are my piles of ‘unfinished-ness’  I might look into an intervention at some point but for now I have piles….and you MIGHT get to see them.  Just thought I’d give you a heads-up…you’ve been warned.

I’ll put them all below as I post so that you can find them more easily

Day 1 – Water Storage

Day 2 – Shoes

Day 3 – Gas Shut-off

What do you think?