Santaquin Earthquake

“What the heck was that?” That was our pillow talk at 12:14 am this morning. I was fast asleep, when I awoke to a what I thought was a very large loud rumbling dump truck headed toward us. The rumbling increased, getting louder until a very loud SMACK occurred. (smack is not the right word but I can’t think of anything to describe it) . I thought that the ‘large dump-truck’ had hit our house, but almost immediately I realized that we had just had an earthquake.

After the SMACK a low rumble continued…only this time I think it was me doing the adrenalin boogie.  You know the involuntary shaking when something scary happens that makes your adrenaline pump.

Of the 5 kids asleep in the house, only the 18-year-old woke up and joined us in our “Can you believe that just happened?” discussion. The rest slept right through it.

I checked the USGS site to confirm and sure enough we had a 2.8 magnitude quake centered 2 miles from our home. Now, to some of you, 2.8 is tiny on the continuum of earthquakes and indeed it really is but I’m good with the 2.8’s. Yep, totally satisfied, don’t need anything bigger to wake me up. (figuratively speaking)

I teach preparedness and live in Earthquake country…in fact all indicators point to the fact that we are way overdue for THE BIG ONE. Presentations, power points, pleading…that’s what I do to help people get ready. This little jolt was a great reminder for me to get some shtuff done too. I’ve made my list and I’m going to bare my soul (and my living room, kitchen, pantry etc) to you and get these things done and show you how I did them so you can follow along or get some ideas for your own home.

After my tremors stopped I couldn’t go back to sleep for a while so I sat up and did a hazard hunt of sorts and thought of things that would have been a problem if this had been the “BIG ONE”.

The first thing that came to my mind is my Pampered Chef Pizza Stones. Isn’t that weird. Pizza stones of all things? I make homemade pizza and my stones make the most awesome crust. These stones have a hard-earned seasoning that I would hate to have to redo on new stones. They live in the cupboard above the fridge and they are round and would easily roll right out and shatter on the kitchen floor if the ground started shaking. I have tile and they’d probably also break the tile on impact. I’d be more sad about the stones though…or a little (or big) head that might be walking by when they fell.

Some other things that need to be addressed are the water tank, pictures on the wall, food storage room, canning jars, window sills, windows etc. We’ll go into detail with lots of pictures and maybe some video with each of these so stay tuned….

For those of you following the chicken saga, you’ll be happy to hear the cluckers came through our little earthquake just fine…watch for another episode of our chicken saga coming very soon.


  1. Cindy says:

    Yup, the sucker woke us up too! The dog went ballistic, but since I couldn’t see that anything had slid off the dressers, or even moved slightly, I assumed it was something other than an earthquake … and made Russ get up and hunt through the house for a burglar! 🙂

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