Eight is NOT enough, Tears for Boston

It’s Monday at 5 pm on April 15th, 2013.   A day that is notoriously dreaded in the USA because we usually have to hand over our hard-earned money to the government in the form of income taxes.

For some, that reason doesn’t even exist anymore.  Instead April 15th will be the anniversary of the worst day of their lives, one family will forever be reminded of the horrific tragic loss of their 8-year-old child.  I had heard that 2 people had been killed in the bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, just now I learned that one of those two was a child.  Someone’s precious child, I’m sure in the coming days that the name and photo of that child will be released, but for now that child belongs to us all.

I have a child that will turn 8 in about 4 weeks.

Eight birthdays

Eight Christmas mornings

Eight Easter dinners

Eight summer vacations

Not nearly enough

At this moment it’s overwhelmingly sad… (getting personal here) but I have to hold to my knowledge of the eternal nature of families and of life after this one.  If I didn’t have those beliefs, with all that is wrong in this world, I’d be awfully tempted to gather my loved ones, retreat to a cave somewhere and never show our heads for the fear of what might happen.   The fact is that bad things happen to good people, Evil is real and ever more present today.

The reason I write this blog is to help people find the knowledge, skills and strength to go on when things, sometimes really bad, horrific, unthinkable things happen.

For now, all we can really do in show love to those we’d hate to lose….. in case we ever do. And pray for those who have.  The power in prayer is real…I’ve felt it in my time of need,  many others are needing it now.  Please join me in praying for those affected by today’s events.



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  1. Cindy says:

    It is indeed a terrible tragedy and I’m so saddened to hear that one of those who passed on was an eight-year-old. Makes the tears well up. What was supposed to be an exciting, happy day has turned into a nightmare for so many. Like you, I’m keeping them in my prayers and asking the Lord to comfort them, and know that those who have lost loved ones will be reunited some day. There’s a comforting video called, “Why Bad Things Happen.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ECG8ZUfFIeg

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