Evacuating your home 101 – Start here

Map with red evacuation sign and arrow, also list of reasons you might evacuateIPlease note:  This is a multi-part series, but I promise that it is completely worth it.


Something is coming or has just happened.  It might be a natural disaster like an earthquake, volcano eruption, flood or a raging wild-fire,  or maybe extreme weather is headed your way like a tornado or hurricane. It could even be an industrial or transportation accident like a toxic cloud from a semi truck or train that is carrying chemicals that has crashed or derailed a mile away.

These things happen all the time, but are we ready for it?

To keep our families safe and sane it’s important to have a plan for when we MUST leave your home and  don’t know how long we’ll be gone.  We might have an hour, or 10 minutes, or maybe even less.  So let’s look at what happens when we get the notification that we have to leave, what next?

It will probably be one of 2 things…

  1.  More than likely, if we haven’t thought about ever needing to evacuate, we go into panic mode, our brain goes to mush and we run around grabbing things we think we might need.  Most of which are unnecessary and won’t help much.  We get frantic, forget vital things and waste precious time.
  2. On the other hand, if we’ve thought this through and talked about it with the members of our family, then we quickly and calmly follow our plan, gather all the necessary, pre-thought-out supplies and get on our way to a safer location.

In this series, we’ll go step-by-step over the what, why and how of planning for an unexpected evacuation.  A Huge THANK YOU to my friend Eric M. Palmer, for his brilliance in devising this most awesome, adaptable and simple Evacuation plan, and for his generosity for allowing me to share it with you.  When I heard him present it, I let out a huge sigh of relief.  This was IT!  Finally a plan that made sense to me.  This plan allows me to be ready to leave my home with peace of mind knowing that what is important is protected and it can do the same for you.  I’ll break it down for you into doable steps, that are easy to do and will give peace of mind now and when the time comes to leave.

Take a look at the following scenario and decide which one you’d like to be like.

I know which family I’d want to be, and I’d guess that after watching that you’ve chosen too.  In the next post we’ll find out what the challenges are to coming up with an effective evacuation plan for your family, then we’ll overcome those challenges step by easy step.

Make sure that you don’t miss a thing, enter your email and receive email notice when new articles are posted.  The next part will take a look at some of the reasons that we don’t prepare to evacuate.  Maybe one of them is your reason.

Next up-the challenges to an effective evacuation plan.



  1. James c. Moshier says:

    Thanks Andria for being there
    Our trailer is comeing along just fine,hope to go on the ward campout with it.

    • ready1 says:

      Awesome, can’t wait to see it, will you be giving tours?

  2. Lezlee Jones says:

    With the fires all around us here in Utah, I was emailing with a friend when the subject of evacuations came up. She sent me a link to your Evacuating your home 101. I would like to get the rest of the posts. How do I do it? Thanks

    • ready1 says:

      Hi Lezlee,
      This post is the first in the series. http://igetready.com/evacuating-your-home-101/ At the bottom of each post you’ll see a link to the next post in the series. Take the time to read the first couple of posts as they explain the system. Or just click through them to get to the lists, but understanding the system will help a ton. I’m almost done putting up the rest of the info, by about Wed it will be complete. Put your email in the subscribe box on the top right of each page and you’ll automatically be notified when I post the new stuff. I hope you aren’t personally affected by the fires, It’s been so sad to see the destruction. I have friends that were in the path of the Sanpete county fire and we were getting ready to house them if it came to that. Thank goodness it didn’t. Good Job for thinking ahead and getting your family more ready. Take Care.

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