5 gallon blue poly water cube, stackable


  1. karen says:

    i run a small cafe, and i used to dispense spring water (from my home! tested and ok’ed for public use) for my guests from a 5 gallon cube shaped container with a spigot that fit perfectly on a small shelf next to the spring water ice cube container. someone has stolen it and i can’t find a replacement.

    walmart carries a blue 7 gallon water jug that looks exactly like the one i had, but it’s too big to fit on the shelf. right now i’m filling in with just gallon bottles that people have to take the lid off of, set their glass down somewhere and pour. usually the lid doesn’t get put back on, so this leads to health department issues.

    i could get one of those spring water dispensers or something, but everything i’ve thought of destroys my careful use of the very small space i have to work with. do you know where i can get something smaller, like the 5 gallon water jugs that stack? i’d appreciate any input.

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