Food Storage 101 Wendy DeWitt style ‘How-to’

Food Storage How-to seminar, given Nov 2008

I belong to a large home-school group, this is a group of fantastic and generous Moms who do now, or have home-schooled their children at some point.  Occasionally we have what we call a Mom’s Night Out or MNO. The is organized by one of the moms who invites whoever is interested in the topic to come and learn/discuss/chat about it.

We’ve had MNO’s on Sprouting, cheese making, using Essential Oils, cloth diapering, curriculum and Homeschooling styles, paint-can heaters, tortilla making, food-storage meal planning and so many more. Now, lest you think all we do is work, we’ve even had pool and hot-tub relaxation sessions at one mom’s home so we could just relax and of course there is usually some sort of food to snack on in case we get hungry 🙂

Now we tend to be self-reliance seeking sort of gals and for one of these MNO’s, a friend of mine in our group invited her aunt to come and speak to us about canning chocolate, Um ….Hello, I’m there, If I can have chocolate to help me get through my crisis then bring it on.

As it happened, her aunt was going to be in town filming a segment for a local University TV station and agreed to come to our MNO while she was here.  The word spread and soon this event was moved to a city building that had more seating than a home.  Excitement grew along with the attendee head count and we outgrew the capacity of the scheduled building so it was moved to a local church that had more seating capacity. On the night of the event it was standing room only and I counted over 600 in attendance.

I have a another friend that lives out-of-state that I met online through a food-storage email list. She heard about the class and wondered if I might be able to record it.  I got permission from the presenter, bribed my awesome, honey-do husband to film it and the rest is history.

We posted the video of the presentation on YouTube (for my friend to see) in January of 2009 and as of today (8-24-12) we have over 200,000 views for the 9 videos.  Back when we uploaded them, videos had to be under 10 minutes, that’s why we broke the presentation down into segments.

So without further adieu, for your viewing pleasure, I present Wendy DeWitt, my chocolate-bottling hero. Enjoy!

Part 1 (my apologies for the poor sound in parts, big room+lots of people = poor sound, just listen closely)

ps: If you’d like more info from Wendy She has a book at Amazon, it’s called Sensible Food Storage: Storing the Foods You Love to Eat

Coming soon, Part 2

Please note: this first video has references to our faith, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  If there are any parts that are confusing to you.  Feel free to ask for clarification.


  1. Michele says:

    Excellent video! Thanks! Could you put the link to the canning chocolate one?

    • ready1 says:

      Michele, The chocolate canning one is coming up, I should be able to get to that today. I’m glad I’m not alone in my chocolate needs 😉

  2. Cindy says:

    Canning chocolate! Wow, who’d a thunk it?

    Life will go on, regardless of the circumstances, as long as there is chocolate. Isn’t that like a saying of Confucius or something? Well, if not, it should be. 🙂

    Thanks for the links to the videos.

  3. Yvonne Barrell says:

    You did not say anything on how to get or store prescription medications that people need. My mom always had a large cold storage room, that she would stock, her friends always asked why. But when my dad was hurt at work and was off for months, buying food for the four of us was not one of their worries. I have tried for years to get a storage room going but my boyfriend did not under stand . I know that we are on hard times with him having to take a leave from his job to go and take care of his mom in Manitoba for the last two months and I reluctantly have had to ask for help from the food bank for my self and animals .I think he might change his mind about food storage. I am so grateful to everyone that has helped us. I didn’t realize there was so many wonderful people out there thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent on food storage and recipes. Take care, Yvonne

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Yvonne,
      Glad you made it here. I have an upcoming post about how to get and store medications with your supplies so watch for that. I’m sorry that it’s taken a job struggle to open your boyfriends eyes to the need to have some reserve…but hopefully that will do it for him. It seems like for some people, the crisis needs to be personal for them to see the need to store food and supplies. Maybe mention how grateful you are that the food-bank was there for your crisis and then wonder out-loud what would happen if there was a regional disaster and everyone needed the food-bank at the same time. “Hey honey, how ’bout we store a little bit for our very own food-bank” Moms and women in general stress more about this than men. I think it’s the innate nurturing qualities that we were born with that drives that desire to have some reserves just in case. Thanks for visiting.

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