How to be Prepared on a Disney vacation

Do you know how to be prepared, even on a Disney vacation? Is it even possible?  I think so.

We recently returned from a family vacation to Southern California.  It had been almost 10 years since our family had been on a ‘real’ vacation. (Subjectively defined)  Sure we’d been camping and to family reunions and stuff like that but I’m talking about hotels, tickets, theme parks and that kind of thing so this was a big deal.

With 8 in our family, any outing is a production but being gone for 8 days with everything that entailed was quite a feat.  Add to that, trying to be prepared while on the road and away from home added another layer of stuff.  We took a couple of extra people so we had a total of 10 with us, mostly teen or adult size people, with a couple of littles (7 and 9) thrown in for good measure.  We packed as light as we could but just the regular clothes and bathroom stuff for 10 people took up lot of space.

I’d been planning this for almost a year and I think we had most of the details taken care of and I was rather pleased with myself and the way things turned out.

What follows is a smattering of ideas and things I learned about how to be more prepared even on Vacation at Disneyland and so can you.

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