How to be Prepared on a Disney vacation

Bring a flashlight

I had a small mini maglight type flashlight in my bag and surprisingly this was the most scrutinized item that I had.  Maybe they didn’t know what it was.  Presumably they were looking for weapons and maybe it looked like one, I don’t know.

Disneyland is a beautiful place at night although dimly lit.  There were a couple of rides that had issues and stopped mid-ride.  When that happens you usually just…

  • stay seated (you will be reminded of this if you happen to forget)
  • wonder what’s going on
  • speculate about what is going on with fellow passengers
  • memorize the tune that happens to be playing at your stopping place (Yo Ho Yo Ho …..)
  • and be patient until they fix it

Sometimes they can’t fix it in a reasonable time frame and you must ‘evacuate’ (walk off ) the ride from wherever you happen to be stuck.  This happened to us once on Splash Mountain.  You must exit the ride and walk down, or out of the ride.  Usually there are stairs involved that aren’t the easiest to negotiate, and a flashlight would be most helpful here.

Another reason you might need a flashlight is an unexpected power outage.  I’ve not seen this happen but wouldn’t you like to have a light available if it did?  Or perhaps you’re in dark theater that you need to exit because a certain child found out that there might be “bug’s crawling all over them” as part of  the show and they weren’t about to have that happen.  (that’s the 4 in Bug’s Life 4D I guess) I don’t know who that would happen to but it could happen. Just sayin’.


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