I did say Hiccups

Hic……Hic……Hic….don’t you just hate the hiccups. Those little unexpected, out-of-the-blue, spasms in your diaphram that catch you off guard? Well I mentioned that in the process of my blog redesign that there might be a hiccup ( or hicough if you prefer) or two during the change over. Found one. The email subscribe box is a dead-end and takes you nowhere.

I’m so sorry about that and please know that I am working on trying to get it back up again. You’d think it would be a simple thing, but for me, it’s not.

So if you would like to subscribe to my email feed (getting my new posts in your inbox) then just go to the “contact me” form and send me a note. When the planets are once again in alignment, I’ll add those email addresses into the right place and you’ll get a subscription confirmation email that you can either accept (if you still want to hear from me) or decline (if you are the grudge holding type) Either way, the decision will be up to you but you won’t have to remember to come back to subscribe. Sound good?

The bonus for me will be that I can know that I’m not just typing at the air and that people are actually reading my stuff. That makes me happy.

UPDATE:  My hiccups have been cured and my email subscription box is functioning once more.  Hooray!

What do you think?