:) Last Minute Gifts for the Super Hard to Buy for

There are always those super-hard-to-buy-for people on our lists.  What to do ?  What to do ?

Well have I got a deal for you.  This is the PERFECT gift for the person who has everything.  A life-boat.  Just think how handy this would have been for those stuck in the recent hurricanes or Tsunamis.  Gosh wish I had one.  Click on the image for more details.

Now I realize we have budgets to consider so it the one above is a bit too high there is always this option:

Use the savings to buy some Rain Ponchos to compensate for the lack of roof on this model, it would be pretty much the same.

If you are still stumped for stocking stuffer ideas along this line of thought, then you might consider this one.

Thanks so much for indulging my funny bone whims this morning.

PLEASE NOTE: I am in no way marginalizing the trauma that those who endure horrific storms have gone through, I would never wish that on anyone. I’m just making light of the incredibly broad range of offerings that a certain SUPER MEGA ONLINE Retailer has to offer.


  1. Barbara Olsen says:

    Giggling along with you…after our cold weather, how about personal heated igloos?!?!?

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