New Year’s Resolutions…and some fun changes

This year I made some resolutions. I don’t usually make resolutions because I am perfect in every way.. HAHAHAHA I don’t usually keep them but since I have some accountability buddies (you, my darling and intelligent readers)  I thought I might have a better chance of keeping those resolutions.  At least the blogging ones.

One of them is to write more, to post more.  I’ve been kind of ….well, inconsistent in my posting schedule and I want to fix that this year.  My goal is to post at least 2 times each week.  As I thought about this it occurred to me that it might be fun to have some regular features.  That might help me keep on track.  Maybe Pantry Meal Monday, or Freezer Meal Friday.  Can you see a trend here, yep, food.

You want dinner again

I think those two came to mind because it’s something I struggle with. I have good intentions but life and distractions get in the …. Squirrel!

Here are some of my excuses:

  1. The dad works swing shift so most of the time he’s not home for dinner anyway
  2. The kids are perfectly happy with waffles or cereal. Right?
  3. They come home from school and eat so they aren’t hungry for dinner
  4. The kids are in 6 different directions with all their evening activities so I can’t plan very well for regular dinners
  5. I hate it when I make dinner and then no one eats it because they aren’t hungry or the don’t like what I make
  6. There’s nothing to eat.

In my mind, these are really all valid reasons why I don’t have to put forth the effort to make dinner.  But the reality is that if I actually made dinner, that would probably take care of most of those excuses.

Let’s look at them again.

  1. Dad works nights and would love to come home for his break and have a dinner plate ready for him to warm up and enjoy…instead of settling for cereal or not coming home and eating out (budget buster) Besides, he bid and got the day shift, WOOT! So he’ll be home for dinner on work days like a regular person again.
  2. The kids would rather have a yummy meal any day than settle for waffles or cereal…well almost any day.
  3. If I thought ahead and planned meals, I could also plan a snack that would stave off the ‘I’m starvings’ until dinner time.
  4. They’ll need to eat at some point. Having a plate of dinner to heat up when they land back at home is comforting to them, much better than fending for themselves.
  5. This one is a tricky one.  I can’t please all the mouths all the time.  They’ll just have to learn to eat what I made, being flexible and trying new things is a good thing to learn.
  6. Yes we really do have food, in fact I believe in storing food and so we have a bit.  It’s the using it that is the struggle for me.

Over the years, I’ve tried different things to help get more consistent with family meal times.  I’ve taken classes,  participated in Freezer Meal Swaps, and then we had a group that did Pantry Meal Swaps.  We called ourselves the PMS groupies 🙂  Each of these efforts was worthwhile and I learned lots from these awesome women.  Eventually both groups ended for one reason or another but the principles and things I learned were filed away and I hope to share them with you.

The criteria for the meals I’ll be sharing are below:

  • Simple and quick, no exotic ingredients
  • Must feed my family of 8, but most recipes can be made for smaller families, or freeze half for another meal
  • There can’t be any recognizable ‘green things’ in there or noses will be upturned.  They can be in there, mind you, but they just can’t be recognizable.  Thank goodness for Blenders is all I can say. (I LOVE my blend tec, but they are spendy, buy a used or refurbished model…it’s an investment but it’s a workhorse )
  • Variety, we need change.  Spaghetti all the time gets old quickly
  • If I can teach one of the kids a skill during the prep it’s a plus, but not required

The recipes I plan to share with you this year will meet the above criteria.  They’ll come from all over.  You should see my cookbook stash, and my (personal)  pin boards and the stacks of loose recipes that stare at me begging for some organization.  I’ll reference the source if I have it.  Many will be from my personal recipe box and who knows what the original source was.  But in any event. At then end of this year, if you follow along, you’ll have a great collection of family friendly meals to work into your normal rotation.

Follow along , it’ll be fun.

How can you help?

  • I know you have your tried and trues too.  Please share them.  Recipes, especially the KEEPERS, should be shared.
  • If something I share looks familiar to you but you do it a bit differently, share that too.  That might be just the tweak that turns an acceptable recipe in to a passer-downer.

Oh and for the surprise…

PS:  I’m working on a blog redesign, a whole new look,  that will be unveiled in the next week or so.  I hope that all goes smoothly but there could be a hiccup or two.  It’ll be lots easier on the eyes and I think you’ll love it as much as I do. Thanks for your patience during the transition 🙂


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