Quick tips for Surviving the Solar Eclipse

It’s coming.  If you live on planet earth, you can’t avoid it.

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On August 21st, 2017, the earth will experience a Solar Eclipse.   That’s when the moon will travel in a path that puts it directly between us and the sun so that all we see is the Sun’s corona. You know, the part around the round part of the sun that we draw as spikes when we are kids?

It’s been a few years and many of us have never seen one.  Since this is a phenomenon that is new to us, I thought I’d share a few tips to keep you and your family safe and happy.


Tip # 1 – Get the Solar Eclipse Viewing glasses

If you are planning on viewing the eclipse, find some glasses that will make it safe to do so.  We all know that staring at the Sun will cause eye damage, it’s tempting but don’t do it.  You can call any eye Doctor and probably get them for a few dollars.  You’re probably out of luck if you are wanting to order online because they are hard to find or out of stock.  You can also make a pinhole camera for indirect viewing if all else fails.

You can even download and print your own indirect pinhole projector from NASA, HERE

Tip # 2 – Planning for the crowds

If you live anywhere near the swath of totality (where the eclipse will be complete, 100% hidden by the moon) then these next tips are for you.  Parts of 14 states are affected by this.  Click HERE to find out who/where that is.

These places will likely have a very large influx of people coming to see the Eclipse.  My suggestion, if you don’t want to just end up hating people, is to just hunker down and plan on spending Eclipse day, and a few days before and after, at home enjoying the show.

Whenever large crowds of people descend on a location, problems ensue.  Towns and cities are just not set up for the numbers of people who are coming so services could be overwhelmed, Traffic will snarl,  Crime could increase and a general upheaval of our regular routine could take place.

Are you a business owner? Plan with your employees for the event.  Depending on your business…

  • Will your staff or employees have difficulties getting to work?
  • Do you need to order/make more product to have enough for the demand?
  • Do you need to extend your hours or just close up for the day?
  • Do you need to make signage to post at your place of business or tell patrons via email and social media?

Do you have pets?  Consider keeping them inside as some segments of the celestial event viewing public would seek to utilize them in their celebrations in a way that would not be pleasing to the general population of pet owners.  I’ll let you figure out the possibilities here on your own.  It’s not pretty.

Tip #  3 –  Plan for necessities now

  • Fill up your vehicles with fuel early as prices will likely go up with the demand if you live in an Eclipse town. Also, store extra if your city allows for running generators should the need arise.
  • Fill up your propane tanks so you can move ahead with your Eclipse party grilling if the grid happens to get overloaded and cause outages.
  • Charge cell phones but plan on possible network overloads in local areas. For important messages send a text because it takes much less bandwidth than a phone call.
  • Do your grocery shopping for ahead of time, milk freezes, bread freezes, both of these are easy to stock ahead of time.
  • Just think ahead to what your family might need for that week and take care of it now.

Tip # 4 – If you are traveling to the Solar Eclipse Path

  • Purchase paper maps in case cell phone mapping and navigation is unavailable
  • Plan to carry cash for necessities in the event that ATM’s are empty or out of service or store card options are unavailable
  • Verify your lodging arrangements.  If you haven’t made any yet you won’t find them so you might want to consider this option that just requires a parking space.
  • Remember to keep your valuables out of sight so those who thrive on crimes of opportunity will pass you by.
  • This would be a great time to update the emergency kit in your car.
  • If you happen to carry a firearm on a regular basis, keep it on your person rather than stored in the car.
  • Carry water with you.  Everything is going to go up in cost, if you bring it then that drink of water won’t cost you quite as much.
  • Plan much more time than Google says you’ll need to get to where you are going.  That would be a bad day if you missed the main event because of traffic.


Tip # 5 – Enjoy!

This is a great ‘once-in-a-great while’ opportunity to make memories with your family and friends.  Here are some simple ideas to make it memorable.

Make it an event but do it safely.  Happy Eclipse Day!



What do you think?