Evacuating your home 101 – Start here

IPlease note:  This is a multi-part series, but I promise that it is completely worth it.   Something is coming or has just happened.  It might be a natural disaster like an earthquake, volcano eruption, flood or a raging wild-fire,  or maybe extreme weather is headed your way like a tornado or hurricane. It could even be an industrial or transportation accident like a toxic cloud from … [Read more...]

The Great Utah ShakeOut, are you ready for it?

Do you remember your very first Fire Drill?  You were probably in Kindergarten  and we had to line up next to the door with our fellow 6 year olds.  We  waited for the teacher to count everyone and headed out the door to the grassy field,  then she herded us around like you would herd cats counted us again and we waited to be told we could go back in the building? Well … [Read more...]