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Just a quick post to share something important…and time sensitive.

Need help teaching the children in your world about the principles of Liberty?  Proper role of government?

Your child’s education is not complete without a foundation of freedom

Give your children the knowledge they’re not getting in school. Buy the award-winning Tuttle Twins books—a unique series of compelling children’s literature that informs and inspires your child. Plus, you get over $50 in free bonuses (PDF workbooks that go with each book and more) when you buy the 5-book set!

The Tuttle Twins - a child's foundation of freedom

AND today, DEC 31st (Happy New Year!)  if you use the code DEC31 they are 31% off.  I suspect this is good until Midnight MST only.

Also, when you check out, they are offering a second set for only $24.99, so grab one for a friend.

“What can children read that illustrates the principles of liberty? Not a whole lot, to be blunt. That’s why I’m so pleased with Connor Boyack’s beautiful new Tuttle Twins series!”
Tom Woods, historian, economist, and New York Times bestselling author

“The rabbit trail of discussion we had over this book was a BLAST! Who says kids can’t understand government and freedom?” —Becca McNally

“My 11yo son and I read the book as soon as it arrived and loved it! I’ve homeschooled my eight kids for 14 years and I’ve never found anything like this. I’m looking forward to more books in the series!” —Tanya Thorne

“I just had to say thank you and that I read The Tuttle Twins right when I got it with my two boys. We always read something before they go to bed and I read this half way and they loved it. The next night they both were so excited to finish the book, they even handed me the book saying ‘Daddy, daddy, can we finish The Law?’ I only wish the book didn’t end. So many truths taught in an easy to understand way. We all loved it!!!” —Randy Louis

“My husband is currently laying on the floor, reading your new book, to my 3 boys (ages 6, 4 and 2). The boys are loving it. I’m loving that they’re being exposed to such great principles so young. Thank you!” —Jane

“To anyone considering this book, I also highly recommend it. I preordered this book, and we all LOVED it! Excellent quality in book construction and illustrations. I’ve never seen anything like this as far as the clarity in the message for kids. Connor, great work, and I’m looking forward to the continuation of the series.” —Christi Faagau

“The Tuttle Twins are delightful books that makes learning the fundamental principles of liberty easy to understand for children. It connected with my son’s inquisitive nature, and answered questions in a way he could understand and relate to!” —Amandah Hendricks

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