The Phone Call

This is the Second in a series, please start on this post.

I think I’ll blame the Scouts….the cub scouts in particular.  They have this thing called belt loops.  Cubs can earn belt loops for doing different things.  Sports, Academics, COLLECTING.  Collecting?  Like we need one more thing in this house.  With 6 kids and all their stuff do we really want to encourage this behavior?  Um NO!  However, the damage is done and my kids, even the non-scouts (girls), collect things.  Of course every collection of items is priceless in their eyes. (Maybe the ”De-clutter specialists of America” are behind this, we are grooming a whole new generation of clients for them)

In our family we seem to attract a particular type of item for collection.  This type of item tends to have legs and wants to be fed and cleaned up after.  Animals, yep we collect animals.  Of course each and every one is in dire need of a home and ‘Will die if we don’t take them in”  Here is a short list of critters we’ve had in the last little while:

  • a Blue Conure bird that was rescued by some friends in our local Sam’s club
  • a three footed kitten who isn’t slowed down one bit by her tri-ped-ness
  • another kitty who was rescued from a raccoon trap out behind of the school
  • a salamander ‘rescued’ from the front yard sprinkler box, I’ll bet he liked it better in there.
  • a toad rescued from the road, he was trying to cross (didn’t see a chicken around) I guess and hubby took pity on his plight and potential demise, brought him home to show us and then relocated him
  • a pair of baby ducklings rescued from the freeway, discovered about 12 of them but by the time daring hubby got turned and back to them 2 where left alive
  • another single duckling freeway rescue (the adoption of this baby by another duck family was very inspiring, I have it on film and will show you sometime)
  • a couple of adorable pitbull puppies, those went back right away thank you.
  • a black and white ‘bunny’ also rescued from school (might be time to homeschool this one again) only this bunny is no bunny it’s rabbit that’s pushing 20 inches long.
  • and many other cute cuddly furry things have passed through these doors at one time or another….

So, on to the phone call.  The phone rang and on the other end was the teenage daughter of a family in our area and, just out of the blue, she  wanted to know if we could take her chicks.   She explained that they had gotten these chicks for Easter and were hoping to raise them but they also have two HUGE St. Bernards that wanted to eat these chicks and so it wasn’t going to work out to keep them…and that prompted the call to me.  I have no idea why she called me, I hadn’t advertised that I’d attended a chicken class and I don’t think I mentioned it to anyone.

She asked me if I want these little baby chicks and I was desperately trying to think of a way to tell her no thanks.  But instead a voice came out of my mouth that said “Sure, I’ll take them”   What?  I didn’t want chickens remember?  I hadn’t spoken to my other half about collecting any more creatures and I really didn’t need more stuff to do.  A few minutes later I found myself at their house, staring down their St Bernards and being handed this clear plastic bin filled with cedar shavings, a water bottle and 4 adorable baby chickens in it.  “CONGRATULATIONS new chicken mommy!”

to be continued….Here


  1. Marni says:

    Leaving a comment…does your plugin work?

    • Andrea says:

      yes after I got it out of the pending folder. Thanks!

  2. Sara Terry says:

    Yep, I was bored and I don’t watch Football….so here’s my comment. 🙂 Hope it helps ya!

    • Andrea says:

      Yay, Sara! Thanks for the help. You should now get an email with this reply in it. If you do, just shoot me back a “got it” email. Thanks dear 🙂

  3. Janet says:

    Is this the feature you wanted tested? It wasn’t obvious what to do. I clicked where it said 2 replies and was brought to this page. Don’t know if this is what you wanted to test.

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks Janet, that is perfect. Now you should get an email with this reply. If you get it just let me know and that’s all I need, Thanks!

  4. Kyra @ says:

    Hi Andrea! Loved meeting you at BYB this weekend. I’ve been reading through your blog- love it! You’re a great writer and have such good information. We hope to share it with our readers at some point. Have a great week and good luck with the chicks! 😉

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Kyra,
      Thank You so much. I’m glad you found me, I also enjoyed meeting you and your daughter…such dedication to come from out of state. Wow! What a conference, I felt like my head was going to explode with all the awesome info they shared. I have lots to so and I look forward to making those caramel potatoes for our next family gathering. 🙂

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