:) Last Minute Gifts for the Super Hard to Buy for

There are always those super-hard-to-buy-for people on our lists.  What to do ?  What to do ? Well have I got a deal for you.  This is the PERFECT gift for the person who has everything.  A life-boat.  Just think how handy this would have been for those stuck in the recent hurricanes or Tsunamis.  Gosh wish I had one.  Click on the image for more … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Ideas to Help You Get Ready

Disclosure: Many of the links in this article are affiliate links and if you purchase, I receive a small portion of that sale...at no additional cost to you.  Please know that I own and use each of these products and wouldn't highlight them here if I didn't love them. Those of us who want to get ready for anything and become a little more self-reliant can sometimes be hard to buy for.  We tend … [Read more...]

CPR Are We Doing it Right ?

Please don't turn me in to the Grammar Police.  'CPR are we doing it right ?'  should really be.... 'are we doing it correctly'  but that is beside the point.  Read on... I took my first CPR course in college.  I still remember... the alcohol wipes for resusci-annies mouth,  I hated when they were referred to in print as 'manakins'  What?  it's mannequin.  what is with the phonetic … [Read more...]

Kidney Stones – the rest of the story

This is the post where you find out how the Kidney stone saga ends.  I'm sorry to keep you hanging for so long.  If you aren't following this continuing drama then go ahead and move along, nothing to see here. When last we left our hero....oh wait, that's not it... Oh yea,  We left the ER for the second time and hoped that darn stone would pass quickly.  They'd told us that the stone was 4 … [Read more...]

Eight is NOT enough, Tears for Boston

It's Monday at 5 pm on April 15th, 2013.   A day that is notoriously dreaded in the USA because we usually have to hand over our hard-earned money to the government in the form of income taxes. For some, that reason doesn't even exist anymore.  Instead April 15th will be the anniversary of the worst day of their lives, one family will forever be reminded of the horrific tragic loss of their … [Read more...]

Hindsight and Kidney Stones

This is a journal entry of a recent experience but there is a point and something to be learned at the end. It was Sunday night and his pain started suddenly while driving home from an errand.  It ramped up quickly after he came in the house.  He was doubled over with severe groin pain, like he had been kicked.  (I didn't do it :)   After some quick google-ing (is that a word)  it looked … [Read more...]

#1 Tip for Driving in Freezing Rain Conditions

In Utah we are experiencing a phenomenon called freezing rain.  This happens when snow falls through a warm layer of air and melts into rain, then that rain goes through a layer of colder air and lands on a surface that is below freezing.   The rain is supercooled and freezes instantly onto whatever it hits.  If that surface happens to be the road, then it's an ice skating rink. Contrary to … [Read more...]

A Day of Remembrance for Sandy Hook Elementary

  If you would like to donate to the Sandy Hook Elementary School Support Fund that will provide support services to the families and community that has been affected, please click the United Way link below and you will be directed to the donations page. This fund was created by United Way of Western Connecticut in partnership with Newtown Savings … [Read more...]

I pray we never have to deal with this…a warning

It's a parents worse nightmare, something that will stay with us forever.   Seeing a child, your child suffer when you feel powerless to stop it. Recently I came across a photography blog that detailed a harrowing experience of a mother watching her 5 year-old nearly strangle to death,  I was riveted by the tale and horrified that they had to experience this.  This event has shaped them both … [Read more...]

Preparedness for First Responders

What if I have to do it alone? If you've read my about page you might remember that I am the wife of a first responder, in my case a  law enforcement officer. When something in the community, city, state or region goes wrong, my guy (ie; hero, care-taker, fixer-of-all-things-broken, knight-in-shining-armor) is most likely called out or already gone working on fixing whatever happened. He's … [Read more...]