Camp kitchen, Chuck box, Field kitchen, what do YOU call it?

My mom (in her 60’s, I won’t say which end of the decade) decided that she wasn’t going to break her back bending over to get camping kitchen supplies out of bins on the ground any longer.

Camp kitchen Ideas, that held all the needed items at a comfortable height, were milling around in her mind.  Being a Mechanical engineer by trade, you’d expect that she would take those ideas to fruition, and that is just what she did.  She built it as she went, engineered in place and it turned out fantastic.

They turned out so great that many people were asking for plans.  She found a friend willing to draw them up and they are linked below.  If you decide to make these, please share a photo or link so we can admire them.

Elevation drawings (the second box was modified to fit the needs of the stuff it was supposed to contain)

Drawings and cutting layout

My mom is my DIY hero. She’s the one that is the camp kitchen tour guide whenever we go camping.  The original inspiration came from a friend and she made it her own with several modifications and improvements.  She only had a few photos and very rough measurements of the inspiration box yet it materialized on her workbench

Here are pictures of her finished project.

Chuck box closed

View of Boxes in the closed position


Showing open empty boxes

This is what the boxes look like empty


Loaded Chuck Box

Showing the box loaded with supplies

I swear she had both of these boxes finished inside of a week.  Although I did inherit the DIY gene from her, sadly, the project-finishing gene eludes me to this day.  I do have plans, paid for, downloaded, printed, 3 hole punched, and in a binder.

I even have all the supplies needed to tackle this project and dozens of others but I have yet to get moving.  Granted, I have 6 kids and a very busy schedule but that is just an excuse.


So what is holding you back? What’s your plan for cooking outside of your home?  Whether it’s camping with the family or an extended evacuation situation having a camp kitchen will make your life SO MUCH easier!


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