Evacuating your Home 101 – Box 11 – The Travelers Workshop

Box 11 – The Travelers Workshop

Container suggestion – Toolbox

Evacuation travelers tool kit

 (If you jumped into this series on this post, you’ll want to head back to the beginning so it makes sense.  The first post in the series is here, then follow the links for the rest of the series.)

If you’ve followed the system and been working on your boxes, you might remember that you have quite a few tools already.  There are lots in the Car Kit that you’ll use to maintain your vehicle.

This box contains tools that will become valuable to you before you get home again. Things like:

  • Woodworking tools; Brace and Bits, wood chisels, hammer, hand saw, etc
  • Metal working tools; tin snips
  • Fabric for clothing and tent repair, also consider a tent repair kit with a sewing awl if you have a wall/canvas tent
  • tape and adhesives: duct tape, electrical tape, Gorilla glue, WD-40
  • wire, bailing wire is right up there on the versatility scale with duct tape and WD-40
  • assorted nails, screws and bolts; grabbers in all sizes as well as self-tapping for metal

Use your judgement.  Remember to limit it to things you can use and think non-electrical or 12- volt.  A word of caution, don’t rely on power at all, even batteries can fail, and they do it at the most inconvenient of times and you need power to recharge them.  If you must, bring the battery stuff as a back up and not as your primary tools.  Another problem with battery items is they add weight and take up more space.

Don’t go out and buy tools just to put aside for this box.  Just collect the ones you have and use and keep them together.  Our tools seem to be scattered from here to next week when I need one.  Make a habit of returning them to their ‘box’ after each use so they’ll be ready to go.

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