Evacuating your home 101, Box 1 – The 72-hour kit

Box #1  – Your 72-hour kit

Container = backpack

Clipart of a red backpack and emergency items

The 72-hour kit, I hope you have one already, if not, work on that.

(If you jumped into this series on this post, you’ll want to head back to the beginning so it makes sense.  The first post in the series can be found here, then follow the links for the rest of the series.)

The 72-Hour kit deserves an article all its own, and I will get to that, but suffice it to say that this is your main go to box for a quick exit.  Be sure to work on the boxes in numerical order because they are in order of priority.

This is what you take if you must dash out of the house once and never to return.  Waking up in the middle of the night to find the house on fire would be an example of this.  It must be carry-able, and a backpack is an ideal container for it.  All the other boxes assume you will be leaving by automobile.

It is worth noting that the  72 hour kit has some elements of all the other boxes in your evacuation plan, and the modularity within the 72 hour kit is similar to the modularity of the boxes, only on a smaller scale..  If you have planned your evacuation assuming a vehicle of some sort will be available, only to find at the last-minute that you must go forward without one, then scavenge from the other boxes whatever supplies are appropriate to the event at hand and add them to your kit before setting out on foot.

Now on to Box # 2 – The Car Kit (I sure hope I get to use my car if I have to evacuate, hoofing it is not my idea of fun)


  1. Cheri Mauss says:

    Andrea, you are the best, can I borrow this for our ward? Giving you full credit of course! Cheri

    • ready1 says:

      Hi Cheri,
      You are so sweet, I’m glad the info is helpful. Yes Yes Yes, please share the info with everyone. We all need it, because disasters are typically not selective. No credit is needed, but you are welcome to share the website so people can get all the details.

      • ready1 says:

        I also have a simple yet detailed 72-hour kit series that will help with getting those together for your family, so check back or subscribe so you get notified when it’s posted.

        • Andreia says:

          Where is your 72-hour kit series? I’d love to read it and get a list of items to collect.

          • That series is coming up next, hold tight I’m working on it as we speak 🙂

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