Freezer meal Friday, as promised Chicken Enchiladas

I feel so …. resolved.  I’m actually keeping the resolution that I mentioned two weeks ago in this post.  (It’s only a week or so late :/) I think I might even actually need to celebrate with something sweet and yummy.  Oh wait, that might mess up another resolution.

Today I’m sharing a Freezer meal recipe that I came across in my quest for great freezer meals that my picky family would actually eat.  I made a few changes to suit my needs and to adapt for my desire to not run to the store for one ingredient and the recipe still came out AWESOME!

The ‘original’ recipe  is found on another Andrea’s blog, Simple Organized Living.  Check her out, she has lots of great stuff over there. The recipe, with my modifications, is listed below.  This recipe makes a lot, enough to freeze for 3-4 meals depending on the size of pans you use.  Mine made 22 non-skimpy Enchiladas.

This recipe has a couple of steps but follow along it’s not hard. It’s broken down into 3 parts:

The Meat mixture:

Chicken Enchilada Ingredients

In this part you’ll need :

  • 3 T cooking oil
  • 3 small onions chopped (I used dehydrated)
  • 2 – 4 oz cans chopped green chilis (remember that there can’t be green things or my kids won’t eat it so blend these babies up with the rehydrated onions)
  • 5 cups cooked & shredded chicken or turkey ( I used 2 quarts of my own bottled chicken)
  • 3 packages of taco seasoning (I used 3 T or so of bulk seasoning)
  • 2 cups water (the chicken stock from my bottled chicken was part of this quantity, I just added water to make 2 cups)

The recipe (printable at the bottom of the post) says to sauté the onions and chilis until cooked, I just rehydrated, blended and dumped because I’m lazy that way.)

Blended onions and chilis

Add the chicken, taco seasoning shredded chicken and water/stock to a sauté pan.

canned chicken and green chili mixture


Simmer until most of the liquid has evaporated.  Then set it aside.  Make sure to use a large sauté pan, I think mine was 14 inches in diameter.

chicken mixture

Next is the Cheese mixture, for that you need:

  • 3 cups of cottage cheese (next time I’ll blend this too,  it seems that white chunks alarm my kids too…wimps)
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • salt and pepper to taste

cheese mixture ingredients

cheese mixture in bowl


In a medium bowl, mix cottage cheese, sour cream, and salt and pepper and set this mixture aside.

Next you’ll need a few other ingredients:

wrap ingredients

  • 20 – 8 inch flour tortillas
  • 3 cups of shredded Monterey jack cheese, divided. I used Colby jack
  • 3 or – 4 10 oz cans of red enchilada sauce.  I used 2 – 28 oz cans, probably a little too much.

Assembly instructions:

  • heat tortillas until soft, I put mine in the microwave right in the package for about a minute.
  • Spoon meat mixture (about 4T) down the middle of the tortilla.
  • Spoon cheese mixture (about 3T) on top of meat mixture.
  • Sprinkle with shredded cheese.
  • Roll up tortilla and place in a baking dish.

on the tortilla

all rolled up chicken enchiladas

If you are freezing this for later, then it’s time to cover it with foil or plastic wrap and find a place in the freezer.

Directions for Baking day:

  •  Pull the Enchiladas out of the freezer in the morning on Baking day (mostly thawed is ok)
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees (anyone know how to get the little circle to show degrees?)
  • Pour a can of Enchilada Sauce over the top of the enchiladas
  • Sprinkle a generous handful (or more) of shredded cheese over the sauce
  • Bake, uncovered, for 20-30 minutes (depending on how frozen they are)
  • Enjoy!


Freezer Chicken Enchiladas

Servings : 22 ish Enchiladas, make sure you have enough pans

1 Enchilada, unless you are a teen and then plan 4

Freezer Chicken Enchiladas


    Meat Mixture
  • 3 T cooking oil
  • 3 T Dehydrated onions (rehydrate)
  • 2 - 4 oz cans green chilis (blended with onions)
  • 2 quarts Bottled chicken
  • 3 T Taco Seasoning Mix
  • 2 cups water (use chicken broth from bottles)
  • Cottage Cheese mixture
  • 3 c cottage cheese
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Other Ingredients
  • 20 8" flour tortillas
  • 3 c shredded colbyjack cheese -divided
  • 2 - 28 oz cans red enchilada sauce


  1. Blend rehydrated onion, green chilies, a glug of chicken broth in a blender till all the green things are unrecognizable. Pour into large skillet.
  2. Add shredded chicken and mix together with remaining liquid.
  3. Simmer until most of the liquid has evaporated and set aside.
  4. Cheese:
  5. Mix cottage cheese, sour cream and salt and pepper until blended. Set aside.
  6. Putting them together:
  7. Microwave tortillas to heat through, (in bag 1 minute)
  8. Spoon 4T of meat mixture down middle of tortilla
  9. Spoon 3 T of cottage cheese mixture on top of meat mixture
  10. Sprinkle cheese over both and roll up tortilla. Place in baking dish.
  11. Fill dish with these cuties, cover and freeze dish.
  12. Baking Day:
  13. Remove dish in the morning to thaw.
  14. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  15. Pour a can of enchilada sauce over the top of enchiladas.
  16. Sprinkle cheese over the top, the more the better I think.
  17. Bake, uncovered, for 20-30 minutes.
  18. Serve with rice or chips or beans or whatever you think goes with enchiladas.


  1. C.L. Beck says:

    Sounds good. Will have to try them sometime. Also, to get the little ° for degrees, do the following: Hold down the alt key and hit 0176 on your number pad. 🙂

    • Andrea says:

      Thank you all-knowing-keyboard-shortcut-friend. I knew there was a way 🙂 ° ° ° 😀 I feel so accomplished now.

  2. Shelly Wycoff says:

    This sounds yummy! I am in a freezer meal group so this just might be my contribution for February. 🙂 Thanks Andrea!

    • Andrea says:

      I absolutely loved being in a Freezer meal swap group. I think it was the visiting more than the food though…Although the food was great, it was nice to get together and talk with other moms for a couple of hours a month. Enjoy!

  3. Becky @ Babes in Hairland says:

    Hey! Just stopping by after BYB2013 this last weekend. This looks so tasty. I’m all about freezer meals and this sounds so good. I just need to be better about making the time to get things prepared ahead of time though!

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Becky,
      Thanks for stopping by. I’m still trying to digest that fire hose of awesome info from the conference but I learned SO much and my list is long. I still haven’t been out ‘visiting’ yet. That’s on my list…do you have any new ‘must reads’ ?

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