The Great Utah ShakeOut, are you ready for it?

Do you remember your very first Fire Drill?  You were probably in Kindergarten  and we had to line up next to the door with our fellow 6 year olds.  We  waited for the teacher to count everyone and headed out the door to the grassy field,  then she herded us around like you would herd cats counted us again and we waited to be told we could go back in the building?

Well that was then, and this is now…only this time it’s not a fire drill but an Earthquake Drill.  Not just an earthquake drill but a STATE-WIDE drill.  That’s right,  Utah’s first and largest earthquake drill, per capita, ever.  Currently, there are over 822,000 Utah residents registered on the state’s ShakeOut website.  That is over 25% of the population and that number is climbing daily. Ask your employer how they plan to participate, and I venture a guess that your kids know all about this, have them explain what they’ve learned to do in an earthquake.  It will solidify the plans in their minds and really impress you that they actually listen in school….sometimes.

We only have a few days left to prepare for this.  Is your family, home, business, school ready for a 7.0 magnitude earthquake?  If you don’t feel ready, or maybe don’t know where to start, take a look at the training that I did in our area.  There are 5 sections to the video.  Go ahead, go get some popcorn and get comfortable, I’ll wait.

Now sit back and enjoy…but don’t get too comfortable because that is not all.  After you learn what to do, then you must DO it.

The Great Utah Shake Out – Part 1 of 5

The Great Utah Shake Out – Part 2 of 5

The Great Utah Shake Out – Part 3 of 5

The Great Utah Shake Out – Part 4 of 5

The Great Utah Shake Out – Part 5 (phew last one)



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