Sun Oven – Fantastic November Deal

Did you know you can cook a Turkey in your Sun Oven?  Yep you can, well you always could but with the new Sun Oven Preparedness, Dehydration, & Turkey Roasting package they've made it even easier.    Get your Christmas Shopping Done Now! Using the sun for your fuel is a very smart choice,  Whenever there is sun, even in the winter, you can have a hot meal.   So save that precious, … [Read more...]

Preparedness for First Responders

What if I have to do it alone? If you've read my about page you might remember that I am the wife of a first responder, in my case a  law enforcement officer. When something in the community, city, state or region goes wrong, my guy (ie; hero, care-taker, fixer-of-all-things-broken, knight-in-shining-armor) is most likely called out or already gone working on fixing whatever happened. He's … [Read more...]

12 ways to prepare for a storm (and a giveaway)

  If you've been watching the news in the last little bit, you'll know that there is a BIG NASTY storm headed to the East Coast of the US.   I know what you're probably thinking, "Phew, I live in the West (South, Europe, insert non-east coast location here) and I don't have to worry about that." I would venture a guess, however, that you probably know someone in the storm's path that … [Read more...]

I’m baffled…

I was getting a bit pouty because I hadn't seen any comments come through in a while and then a friend mentioned that she tried to comment and got an error.  Please accept my apologies for my lack of  blog technical prowess.  I'm pulling my hair out working on finding what it was that I messed up so please bear with me.  Some of you, I'm sure, crafted a beautifully worded and witty comment on my … [Read more...]

How to be Prepared on a Disney vacation

Do you know how to be prepared, even on a Disney vacation? Is it even possible?  I think so. We recently returned from a family vacation to Southern California.  It had been almost 10 years since our family had been on a 'real' vacation. (Subjectively defined)  Sure we'd been camping and to family reunions and stuff like that but I'm talking about hotels, tickets, theme parks and that kind of … [Read more...]

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e-books 90% off and a chance to Benefit the Barlow family

In the world of Self-Reliance we can plan and prepare for many things, but some things simply must be endured and some storms just need to be weathered.  I think that is one of the reasons we have each other.  The reasons that God sent us here to live in families and to have friends.  Those are the ones who will support us when the burden seems too much to bear. There was a time in my life when … [Read more...]

Wendy DeWitt Food Storage Seminar Continued..

Now on to parts 2, 3 and 4 In part  2 Wendy talks about her disclaimer and how to get the booklet that she refers to in the presentation. You can find those booklets here: Everything under the Sun, by Wendy Dewitt Everything...Made Simple, by Wendy Dewitt Todo de una manera sencilla, Spanish Version   Then in part 3 she gets … [Read more...]

Canning chicken, you can do it at home

Pictures coming soon as I can find the camera and upload them..:) Tina, one of my beautiful and intelligent readers, found a fantastic deal on chicken and remembered that I had mentioned that I'd be posting about bottling or canning chicken, so she took the plunge, bought chicken in bulk and requested that I HURRY UP and post the directions.  Well, I didn't exactly go like that, she … [Read more...]

Food Storage 101 Wendy DeWitt style ‘How-to’

Food Storage How-to seminar, given Nov 2008 I belong to a large home-school group, this is a group of fantastic and generous Moms who do now, or have home-schooled their children at some point.  Occasionally we have what we call a Mom's Night Out or MNO. The is organized by one of the moms who invites whoever is interested in the topic to come and learn/discuss/chat about it. We've had MNO's … [Read more...]

Drip, Drip, Drip – how to get your freezer ready for a power outage

Today started out like any other day that has nothing on the calendar. (Note: nothing on the calendar DOES NOT mean that there is nothing to do, it just means I don't have to leave the house unless I choose to, the kids actually think that any blank day is water park day for them...ummm.  NOPE) So, after fighting off the kids I pondered which one of the myriad things on my list I would tackle … [Read more...]