Last Minute Gift Idea – Give memories not stuff

It’s that time of year again, the cut off date for online ordering has past for Christmas delivery.    The frenzy is over…unless you do the Christmas Eve Wal-Mart thing.  Don’t- – just don’t do that.  Who really needs more stuff anyway.

Instead, I have a great idea to share with you.  One that will be much more thoughtful than fuzzy socks or Christmas CD’s.

How ’bout this year investing in memories?

This past October, my husband and I took a trip, just the two of us, to celebrate our 26th anniversary.  I needed the time away so bad.  It’s been (another) stressful year and the getaway was so worth it.  Whether you are thinking of a couples retreat or a family vacation, the experiences and memories are what you keep.  Next year the kids won’t remember what was in the box they opened but they will keep those memories of time spent together.  So whether it’s a day trip to the zoo, or a week-long trip to Disneyland, this year choose to give the gift of time spent.

For our trip we decided to let Get-Away-Today handle all the details. We did Disneyland and Universal Studios {{with no kids}} and it was FANTASTIC!

I’ve done the trip-planning-on-my-own thing and have decided that the older I get, the more I like to hand these things over to the pros.  I got a great deal and didn’t have to worry about any details.  We first used Get-Away-Today on our Honeymoon 26 years ago so I thought it fitting to keep the tradition going.

We don’t have a ton of money lying around (except on payday for about 5 minutes until I pay the bills) so we used their lay-away plan and paid little bits here and there until it was time to go.  The layaway normally is $125 down but they are running a special for the next little bit (Dec 19th – 26th) and the layaway plan is only $50 to start, then you just pay it off by 2 weeks before your travel dates anytime in 2017)  That makes it super easy to budget for your trip, it’s paid off before you go and there are no bills to worry about when you get back.  You can lock in a vacation for only $50 down.  That’s a great way to gift a vacation for very little upfront cost.

Be sure to use my discount code IGETREADY when you book to save a little bit more.

There is still that thing about opening something on Christmas morning right?  Well Get-Away-Today has your back for that too.  Check out these super creative ideas for Trip Gifting.

Click the photos below for ideas on how this  can look on Christmas morning… COMPLETE WITH PRINTABLES.  It doesn’t get easier than this.

Mickey and Minnie Countdown Printable:

Mickey Balloon Surprise:

Rapunzel Hair Maze Surprise:

Fantastic Beasts Vacation Reveal:

Frozen Invitation Letter:


I hope these ideas get your gift-giving, memory-making, ‘I need a vacation’ wheels turning.  May you have the Merry-est of Christmases this year, and a blessed and prosperous 2017!



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