About Me

Who am I?

  • Mom to half a dozen
  • Gramma to 2
  • Sister to 5
  • Daughter to some
  • Step-daughter to others
  • Lover of service
  • Do-It-Yourselfer
  • Sucker for small causes that are great
  • Green thumb wanna-be
  • Inactive scrapbooker
  • Novice Soap Maker
  • Preparedness nut
  • Group Buy coordinator
  • House builder
  • Target shooter
  • Birthday Cake Decorator
  • Penny pincher
  • Couponer
  • Kid driver
  • Mind-reader 😉
  • Homeschool mom to some
  • Room mom to others
  • Bargain hunter
  • Firm believer in Christ and His gospel
  • Striver and seeker after of things virtuous, lovely or praiseworthy.

In a nutshell, I am me.

With all that, why in the world would I take the time to blog too?  Click here to find out.

Want to know more, just ask.   😀


  1. Mary Lee Voss says:

    I am THRILLED I saw the posting of your website on PInterest a few minutes ago. I am very diligent on being prepared but your inspiration is taking me to a much higher level! THANK YOU!

    • ready1 says:

      Mary my dear, You made my day!( I think you’re my new best friend ;). I’m so happy to help you along.

  2. Edward says:

    Given that the “defense in depth” strategy is in effect, where to go that isn’t a replay of where we are now, unless treading seawater doesn’t sound like a fun way to leave Earth. I rather think that evacuation now is going to be much like that scene in Lord of the Rings, when the Elves left Middle-Earth; they went “beyond the Sea.”

    • Andrea says:

      I must concur with your statement 100%, even though it makes me sad at the thought of it. There will be much suffering and things are not going to get better … (yet). The frequency and intensity of disasters, natural and otherwise will continue to increase. It seems hopeless on the surface but we can control how we deal with the coming calamities. That’s why I write, to shine a light on that fact.
      I read your comment and studied it for a while, it’s very insightful and thoughtful and I’m grateful that you shared it. I’ve seen the LOTR series but admit that I had to ask my son about the Elves leaving Middle-Earth. (they all blend together for me). I asked him about that scene in the film and how it related to my site’s content. He mentioned the finality and also the discretion of it. In my mind it fits perfectly… Beyond the Sea will be a wonderful (and safe) place to be.

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