Holiday Gift Ideas to Help You Get Ready

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Those of us who want to get ready for anything and become a little more self-reliant can sometimes be hard to buy for.  We tend away from the trendy and more towards the practical.  Fancy toys and Electronics are cool, don’t get me wrong, but they are a bit more on the unnecessary and frivolous side when you start thinking about weathering the storms of life that come our way.

Today I’m sharing some of my very favorite items with you, most of which would make wonderful gifts for those who value being ready for what life can dish out.  Here we go…(in no particular order).

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The Gift of Warmth

I hate being cold, what’s worse is when my children are cold. When artificial means of heating fail (like during a power outage) being able to retain our own body heat is critical, especially now that we are closing in on winter time in my neck of the woods.  (Read more about staying warm in this post.)

A Warm Base Layer goes a long way to making us comfortable and maintaining our body heat. The layer next to our skin is the wicking layer. These fabrics move moisture away from our body to keep us warmer. Cotton fabrics are a big NO-NO in the winter, cotton holds the moisture creating an evaporative cooling effect. Polypropylene, other poly’s and silk are great inexpensive fabrics that will work very well.

Handwarmers are great for keeping fingers warm and toasty in all sorts of situations. Just put a pair in your coat pockets and slip your hands in when needed. When winter camping one time, I had some mittens in my coat pockets with the warmers in them and they were still warm after 24 hours. These make great stocking stuffers.

Buying a tent like this might be a bit strange this time of year but I’m not sending you camping out in the snow (unless you want to….it’s quite an empowering experience to know you can come home alive from something like that, even the boyscouts routinely survive such things) The reason for this tent goes back to staying warm during power outages. Pitching a tent like this in your living room will help you sleep much warmer. Body heat is conserved in a smaller space than a bedroom, the kids are less anxious when they can sleep with mom and dad and it turns your outage into an adventure. And when summer rolls around again, you all set for your next camping trip.

The Gift of a Warm Meal

Having an easy way to heat up our dinner either during a power outage or on a family picnic is a plus, there are several options that I recommend. The Rocket Stove, the Coleman Stove and the Butane Stove, All have their place.

The Butane Stove is much like the stove you use now. It can be safely used indoors (with adequate ventilation, open a window just a crack), it’s inexpensive and easy to use, You’ll want to stock up on the Butane Refill Canisters so you don’t run out, they are much cheaper in bulk. (You can also find these in your local Asian market)

The Coleman is an favorite that has stood the test of time. I prefer the Silver tank multi-fuel version that can run on several different fuels like Coleman Fuel and Unleaded gasoline. This is an outdoor-only stove that works great on the campground picnic table. (Please don’t purchase Coleman Fuel using this link, you can get it much cheaper at your local stores, I included the link so you can see what it is if you aren’t sure.)

The most versatile is the Stovetec stove, It’s a brand of Rocket stove that burns very efficiently and can use lots of fuels like Charcoal briquettes, sticks, twigs, even pine cones. Almost anything you can find that you would put on a campfire can burn will work in this stove. EcoZoom is another version of this type of stove.

I LOVE my Sun Oven so much that I became a dealer so I could help others get one too. It works on any sunny day, even in the dead of winter. The picture above links to Amazon and you can certainly purchase them there, or you can purchase directly from…BUT if you are a deal hunter like me, you’ll want to contact me and purchase from me for the best pricing.  It’s the very same thing from the very same place but I’ll leave a bunch more mulah in your wallet at the end of the transaction.  It will ship directly to your home in time for Christmas if ordered by DEC 5th.

The Gift of Power

We can really never have enough batteries, but our devices can really go through them so consider stocking up on rechargables.  We love our Eneloop batteries, they hold a very long charge and are highly rated for available power. Charging them is simple and with the distinctive labels they are easy to tell from regular throw-aways.

When out and about in great outdoors or If/When the wall outlets fail, then we can pull out the Goal Zero to harness the sun. We’ve been so impressed with this Solar charger. It can do batteries, or you can plug a device directly in with a USB connector.


Here is a similar version that’s great for quick-charging your devices directly.

I hope this gives you some ideas for those on your list who want to be better prepared.

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  1. Christene says:

    Thanks for the suggestions! I got base layers for everyone. Not only am I knocking out a preparedness item, we can also use it this winter while playing in the snow.

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