How to be Prepared on a Disney vacation

Bring Snacks

Kids and grown-ups get hungry with all that fun, not to mention the wafting delicious smelling food scents, (there is nothing accidental at these places, they are completely engineered to separate you from your money.)   There is a lot of walking and chasing after characters for autographs that we don’t normally do in a regular day so those calories and energy need to be replaced if you want to make it to closing time.

We were trying to not eat park food too much because of the cost so, after a big breakfast, we relied on substantial snacks to get us through til dinner time back at the rental house.  I had gone to the thrift store before we left and purchased several insulated baby bottle holders,  the bags that new moms get with their Formula-company-sponsored-diaper-bags when they leave the hospital.

We put Frozen Yogurt tubes (Gogurts) and string cheese into those bags and also had bags with pretzels, crackers, fruit snacks and other quick and filling finger-foods.  All bags are checked at the bag-check table and we were never given any problem with taking these things into the park.

Disclaimer:  Disney’s official policy is that if you are bringing your lunch from outside the park they invite you to eat it in their picnic area.  We didn’t have large coolers, just backpacks and we had no problem…remember it’s not your ‘lunch’, it’s snacks for the kids. I’ve also heard that the bag-checkers will not confiscate food from a child’s bag, but they do occasionally from adults.  Something about not ruining the Happiest Place on Earth for a child.

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