No Fear – Quote for the day

The word fear on a paper and a pencil erasing it.


Self-reliance is work, there is no doubt about that.  We aren’t preparing for happy things, but for the unexpected and sometimes really hard things that come our way.  Thinking about those things can sometimes cause fear to creep in to our minds and that makes it even harder to move towards being ready for anything.

I came a cross this quote the other day and I liked the message so much that I thought I’d share it.  I think it will help squash that pesky fear bug that comes creeping in sometimes.  I did some looking and found out that the quote is a part of a Catholic prayer of St Francis de Sales.

“Do not fear what may happen tomorrow. The same loving Father who cares for you today will care for you tomorrow and everyday.  Either He will shield you from suffering or He will give you unfailing strength to bear it.   Be at peace then and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginings.”

This one just might be quote wall worthy.  I have a quote wall in my bathroom on the wall opposite the commode.  I figure that the reader is a captive audience for at least a couple of minutes each day so why not give them something good and uplifting to read?


What do you think?