The Abolitionists

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

–Edmund Burke

I didn’t want to go.

The conference was amazing, the workshops full of great information and my to-do list was long after the first day of the Build Your Blog Conference this spring.  There we met representatives from all sorts of related industries that wanted to partner with us.  They were all a “perfect match”, promising great things by using their particular service, product or platform….all except for one.

Side note:  I’m a mom and when the occasional need arises I turn into a MAMA BEAR.  That’s the one that you really don’t want to be on the wrong side of.  That mama bear comes out when hackles go up, senses are heightened and I get ready to flee or fight.  This happens when an innocent, mine or another’s is threatened.

Having heard about the work of OUR(Operation Underground Railroad)  I was distantly familiar with the atrocity of human slavery.  It was a story we saw talked about on the news and didn’t want to believe was really happening.  And here they were at our pump-you-up, take-your-blog-to-the-next-level conference.  They were there and I felt the hackles tickling.

These brave documentary film makers chose a gathering of 700 mostly women, mostly moms to present the pre-screening of the movie that they wanted us to see. They chose a large group of mama-bears.  (Wise choice)

The movie is called The Abolitionists. It was on the agenda late at night after a very full day of classes and activities and I was sure that my excuse was sound.  I needed my sleep, my middle aged body doesn’t go for as long as all the young bloggers here and so I could justify not going because of that…right?!

I don’t watch things that make those hackles go off…on purpose.   I hate the adrenaline rush, I hate it.  As an EMT I fight to control it with ever pager tone and I didn’t want to subject myself to that by sitting through a movie that dealt with innocents put in harms way like I knew this movie would.

I wasn’t going to go.

All day I fought with myself.  My site is about preparedness, that’s not related to child sex trafficking.  How could I relate that to my content?  It doesn’t fit, it’s not my topic….or is it?

I went.

At my roomates encouragement I went. We went to the Grand Ballroom and found a seat in front of one of the 3 large screens that were set up.  They handed out promotional material, hoping that we would share with our readers and everyone got a t-shirt with the hashtag #RESCUE2M on it.  After a short intro by the producers the lights dimmed and the movie rolled.

I’ll admit the adrenaline was pumping until the movie started and I was close to tears knowing what the next 2 hours was going to be about. Human Trafficking, the buying and selling of people.  In this case it was specifically about the Child Sex trade.  I gave myself permission to get up and leave if I needed too.

I stayed.

I watched, I was Inspired and Encouraged by the courage and work and mission of Tim Ballard and his team of AMAZING people who risk their lives to free these innocent children from the evil that surrounds them.

“Good People don’t know how vast this problem is.”

-Tim Ballard, OUR founder

I’m Grateful

For the filmmakers that took on such a project to tell the story so that the world would know.

I know now and there is no ignoring the fact that there are, right now, today over 2 Million children around the world who need rescuing.

“The Abolitionists”  is playing for one night as a special event.  The movie informs as no 3-minute news story or sound bite could.  After you see it you will be moved to action.  It will infuriate you but it will also inspire you.

Monday May 16th is the day.  Find a theater near you that is showing it and go,  This is more important than most anything else you could be doing that night.  Once you get your tickets, spread the word.  Filling the theaters will open up more theaters and the word will spread…and it NEEDS to SPREAD.

This could be your son or daughter.

The abolitionists movie



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