12 ways to prepare for a storm (and a giveaway)

Hurricane Sandy and how to prepare


If you’ve been watching the news in the last little bit, you’ll know that there is a BIG NASTY storm headed to the East Coast of the US.   I know what you’re probably thinking, “Phew, I live in the West (South, Europe, insert non-east coast location here) and I don’t have to worry about that.”

I would venture a guess, however, that you probably know someone in the storm’s path that might find what I’m about to share useful.  So even if you live in a fortress 100 feet underground, you can help someone who doesn’t by passing this info along.

12 ways to prepare for a storm:

  1. Locate Flashlights, new batteries or glow sticks and put them in an easy to find location because the power is probably going out.
  2. Keep Cell phones charged and ready.
  3. Plug in a corded phone, they are about $10 at Walmart.  These work when there is no electricity but the cordless ones won’t work without power.
  4. Fill car tanks with gas because when the power goes out gas stations can’t pump, and if you happen to find a gas station with power, the line to get gas will be long and ugly.
  5. Fill containers with water for drinking, washing, cooking, flushing (if necessary)
  6. Have food on hand that doesn’t need power to prepare.  Sandwich material ( peanut butter and jelly or honey), granola bars, crackers, juice, canned meats, etc.  Be sure to include a Manual can opener.
  7. Find or buy materials to cover  windows if they get broken by flying debris.  6-mil plastic sheeting from the hardware store, stapler and staples to attach it, plywood that is pre-cut to your windows would be ideal.
  8. Go dig out the winter clothing; Warm coats, sweaters, gloves, wool socks, hats, blankets, sleeping bags etc.
  9. If you have a non-electric way to heat your home, gather supplies to make that work.  If you have a wood burning or pellet stove, bring enough wood in from the wood pile, or pellets to last you for a week.  If you have a Kerosene Heater, (I have this one and I love it, very easy to use) make sure you have a funnel, kerosene and supplies for that.
  10. A small Dome tent that you can pitch in your living room will hold warmth better than an unheated house and can make your emergency into an adventure for kids. Use this to stay warm while sleeping.
  11. Check on your elderly neighbors and make sure they are equipped, they will probably say that they are fine but if you sense they are not, invite them to stay with you or at the very least let them know they are welcome.
  12. Older people are less able to regulate their body temperature, especially with the added stress of a big storm raging and being without power.  You might need to insist if you feel that their lives would be in danger if they stayed at home.  Contact their family member so they know where they’ll be and how to reach them.

I hope this list will get you thinking about storm preparation and about the people who are in harm’s way.  Please send it on because they might know someone too.

Share-away Give-away

As and incentive, for four lucky readers, I’m offering a give-away for sharing this post with your friends and family.  Just comment that you shared the post and you’ll be entered into a drawing for 15  glow-sticks (6 inch, 12-hour).  You can share via email,  FB, twitter, pinterest or however else you like to share.  Just let me know how you shared and you’ll be entered into the drawing. Four of these prizes will awarded by random selection on Monday, Oct 29th.  So share away.




  1. Cindy Beck says:

    GREAT info, Andrea! I shared on Twitter and included #emergencypreparedness in the tweet, which should get you a few more readers. Also am sending by email to my SIL who gets bad storms where she lives. Please enter me for the giveaway. 🙂

    • Andrea says:

      Great Cindy, You are a shoe-in to win at the moment. Thanks for sharing!

  2. packingmama says:

    I shared! 🙂

  3. Cindy Beck says:

    Aww drat, I’m not a shoe-in to win any more. If Packingmama wins, maybe she’ll share with me? 🙂

    • Andrea says:

      There are still only 3 shares Cindy, don’t give up hope yet. 🙂

  4. Cindy Beck says:

    PS: Sad to see that the HMS Bounty (replica used in movies, “Mutiny on the Bounty” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”) sank in Hurricane Sandy. And a number of cruise ships have sick passengers and are trying to evade the storm.

  5. Andrea says:

    Hi Hannah,
    Nice to ‘meet you. It’s a great group, I’m learning a lot. Thanks for sharing, and adding the tweet tag. The more people that can get ready, the better.

    How long have you been blogging?

  6. Andrea says:

    And the winners are….bum bum bum bummmmm: Hannah, Cindy and Packing Mama. Congratulations! I’ll be contacting you so I can get your prizes delivered 🙂

  7. kandi v says:

    More tips: 24 hours before the storm (or more), turn the fridge and freezer to the coldest settings. Then fill up any empty space in your freezer with water in ziploc bags. Also, if you are on a well, fill up your bathtubs before hand. We were able to flush a toilet used by 6 people for a week, on one tub full. We lost power for 2 days with Sandy, but previously lost it for a week with winter storm Alfred last year. We are getting to practice our preparedness skills more than I want to! 🙂

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