Camp kitchen, Chuck box, Field kitchen, what do YOU call it?

Remember that time you went camping and spend all your meal-prep time digging in plastic bins or boxes to find the cooking stuff you needed?  What a pain in the back (side) that is.  I going to show you a better way.

This ‘Better way’ has been around for a long time and it’s all about an organized container.

This container has many different names:

  • Camp Kitchen
  • Chuck box
  • Field Kitchen
  • Wannigan
  • Grub box
  • Patrol box (think Scouts)
  • and more

What do all these words have in common?

There are all different ways to describe something that makes outdoor cooking easy.

This is a good example of a Camp Kitchen or Chuck box

Great, simply designed chuck box, free downloadable plans are below

I prefer to call them Chuck boxes…think old time western Chuck Wagon, only smaller and without the need for horses to pull it around.

Just like cars, camping kitchens can run the gamut from simple, yet functional to ‘the envy of the entire campground’.

The boxes can be made of Lightweight aluminum, these are the vintage  ones and are fairly difficult to track down, or they can be cabinet grade hardwood.  Some have Great options like:

  • wheels to make toting to the camp site easy
  • laminate cutting surfaces for easy cleaning
  • lantern stands
  • legs that telescope for uneven surfaces
  • cork board so you can post the meal prep, camp dish duty and fire building chore rotation.

Th add on possibilities are only limited by your imagination….and pocket book.

A  basic, but functional version, Like this, can be purchased off the shelf at places like Cabela’s, your local camping or sporting goods store or online at retailers like Amazon. These offer a work surface, and a bit of storage, and a place to hang wet towels or maybe even a lantern.   One of the drawbacks is the lack of storage for the kitchen items we’d want to have with us. We’d need another box to carry those items in. These will work great for the occasional camping trip but for a longer term disaster-type situation, that we might want to be ready for, we’ll want to consider a more solid option.

Click Next to see some great options for a longer term camp kitchen option.

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