The Practical Prepper and Ricocheting

I finally found it. I'm going to let you into my brain just a little, but be careful because things tend to ricochet around in there quite a bit.  I read a lot, mostly non-fiction,  and so my brain is quite the repository of random bits of knowledge.   Sometimes it's organized and other times there is no rhyme or reason to how all those bits are filed. If you've read my blog for any amount … [Read more...]

How to Survive in Extreme Cold and Live to Tell about it.

Two adults and 4 small children are alive today because once they found themselves in a survival situation, they did everything right. This past week, Two adults, two of their own children and a niece and nephew were out for a day of playing in the snow. What they didn't know was that they'd be spending the night in sub-zero temps, down to 20 below, two nights actually. They are alive today … [Read more...]

CPR Are We Doing it Right ?

Please don't turn me in to the Grammar Police.  'CPR are we doing it right ?'  should really be.... 'are we doing it correctly'  but that is beside the point.  Read on... I took my first CPR course in college.  I still remember... the alcohol wipes for resusci-annies mouth,  I hated when they were referred to in print as 'manakins'  What?  it's mannequin.  what is with the phonetic … [Read more...]

Chicken Coop Plans and Designs FREE

I love it when I find a worthwhile ebook on Amazon for Free. We'll I've got a great one today. But hurry because often these are only discounted for a day and then they go right back up to the regular price. Even if you aren't thinking of chickening at this point in your life, there may come a day when you've heard enough about it from me and can stand your chicken-less-ness any longer. So here … [Read more...]

Baby Chicks, bringing them home

This post is part of a series, please start here Oh the novelty of baby animals. With eight people in the family we have a rather large kitchen table.  It's a conference table that we bought second had to contain all of our people at meal time.  Much to my chagrin, those people keep getting bigger and delight in their new-found independence and outside activities, and most of the time we … [Read more...]

The Phone Call

This is the Second in a series, please start on this post. I think I'll blame the Scouts....the cub scouts in particular.  They have this thing called belt loops.  Cubs can earn belt loops for doing different things.  Sports, Academics, COLLECTING.  Collecting?  Like we need one more thing in this house.  With 6 kids and all their stuff do we really want to encourage this behavior?  Um NO!  … [Read more...]

To Chicken or Not to Chicken? That is the Question

This post is unique in that it has taken me almost a whole year of blood, sweat, and tears to get it to this point.  It will probably end up being a series because you didn't come here to read a novel, but I'll start from the beginning and see where it goes. We live in a small-town rural-ish area and built our house on a lot that is about 4/10ths of an acre in size. If you can't picture that it … [Read more...]