Day 2 – Earthquake prep – Shoes

Shoes under bed earthquake prep

If your house is anything like mine…the socks disappear in the wash and the shoes seem to multiply.  Not quite sure why that is exactly but it does turn out to be helpful for today’s Earthquake prep challenge.

Today we are going to corral one of those extra pairs of shoes and confine them to a particular spot.  Under the bed.

Very often glass will break during an earthquake.  It’s not the most flexible stuff and when it shakes rattles and rolls it’s going to end up on the floor.  Whether from the windows breaking or frames or dishes falling we are likely to encounter broken glass as we wander around the house in a sleepy daze wondering what just happened.

When I’m done wearing shoes for the day, they come off wherever I happen to be at that moment and if the shaking happens when I’m in bed at night, my shoes might be in a different room on the OTHER side of that broken glass.  The shoes under the bed are there and ready to be used if you are awakened at night by a quake.  It’s a good idea to put them in a bag of some kind or turn them upside down so glass shards won’t be able to make their way into the shoes as they fall.

During a large quake, everyone will be awake and out of bed trying to figure out what just happened so this shoes-under-the-bed practice applies to the kids too. Of course theirs will need to be updated as they grow out of shoes like every 5 seconds….hey maybe that’s why they multiply?

This challenge means I might actually have to look under my bed.  It’s a bit of a scary proposition.  Who knows, It might spur me on to actually clean under the bed.

I decided not to cause alarm by showing you the gremlins under my bed, instead you get to see the kids room (that we serendipitously spent all day cleaning…not for this mind you but it did need it in a bad way)

Shoes under the bed

What do you think?