Evacuating your Home 101 – Box 12 – The Library

Box 12 – The Library

A list of books that you might bring with you if you had to Evacuate your home.

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There are lots of reasons for being unwilling to part with a book. I can think of many times when I read deep into the night morning because I couldn’t put a book down. But we aren’t necessarily talking about page turners here, we are talking about books with useful, even vital information, that you need for your family.   If your “can’t live without it” book list is small, just distribute that collection into the other ‘boxes’.  But if you have many, you’ll want to use more than one container because books are heavy. Remember that each of these boxes should be loadable by one person.  Most likely it will be mom who is loading because she is usually the one at home.

Eric has prepared four wooden boxes that can each be folded closed and ready to move 120 pounds of books without him needing to touch one single volume. He has fashioned these boxes to stack and look just like a regular bookcase, until it’s time to go, then they get unstacked closed up and loaded.

You could also use backpacks or briefcase type bags for your books. Thrift stores are full of these bags.  They often have convention logos embroidered on them, but for the price, we can overlook that.

Everyone’s book list will be different.  Think about books that are either irreplaceable, or have useful information.  The info in these books is stuff that you might otherwise do an internet search for if you had access to the internet.

Here is my short list of books that I, personally, would be including in my “Library Box”.  I don’t have them all yet but they are on my list of things I want to have.

  • Scriptures
  • Hymn book
  • Personal Family History books
  • Photo albums
  • Roughing It Easy by Dian Thomas, Dian was a hero of mine growing up, she makes cooking outdoors so doable.
  • The Boy Scout Field Manual
  • Just Add Water, by Barbara Salsbury – Great info for using your dehydrated foods.
  • Vehicle Repair Manual(of course you’ll want to pick up the one that goes with your vehicle, unless we are twinners you happen to have the same type vehicle as I do.  Then go ahead and get this one.
  • Where There is No Doctor, this is a free download from the Hesperian foundation. It’s written to the lay (non-medical) person for use in rural villages, but certainly applies to those of us in the urban jungle too.   I’d print out a copy, put it in a binder and take it along.  There are also other free downloads that you might want to reference at some point.  You can also purchase a copy here if you don’t want to print it out.
  • The Big Book of Self-Reliant Living, um if it’s not in this book you probably don’t need it.  Just sayin’…Ok, not everything is covered in depth, but the basics on a ton of topics are in there.
  • The Total Outdoorsman Manual by Field and Stream
  • If you have kids, this one might be the very most important for your sanity. Great Big Book of Children’s Games  The last thing we want is bored kiddos.  If we can keep their minds off the crisis then things will run much smoother, they’ll be in less distress by the upheaval and by default you will too.

This is not a complete list by any means but should get your gears turning and give you ideas of the types of books you’ll want to have ready to go.  For a short-term stay away from home, You probably don’t need them all, but if you had to live away from home for any length of time, it would be nice to have some great books to refer too..

I’m sure that there are fantastic books that would be right at the top of your list.  Please share in the comments below.

One more box and we’re done.  Box 13 – The Treasures.



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