Evacuating your home 101, Box 4 – The Water kit

Box # 4 – The Water Box

Container: A sturdy wooden box containing 2 liter water bottles, or five gallon Jerry cans, or flats of bottled water.


Plastic water bottle

Make sure your water bottle says PET or PETE on the bottom for longer storage.

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Provide 5 – 10 gallons of water per person.  For my family of 8, that’s 40-80 gallons and that is a lot of water, but it’s so vital.  This is in addition to the water bottles (about 2 liters) stashed in the 72-hour kit,  the water in the car kit counts for this too.

Remember that water weighs a lot, 8.4 lbs per gallon, so don’t try to put it all in one box or one container, it will be too heavy to load easily.  Forty pounds maximum per box, is a good place to stop on the weight.

You might also consider some type of water filter for when a water source is found and you need to make it drinkable.

Don’t store water that comes in containers that look like milk jugs.  That plastic is not made for long-term storage, in fact it’s made to break down over time and that will leave you with a puddle at the least and a big mess and ruined supplies and no water when you need it the most, at the worst.

For my water box I use a couple of things.  In the kids kits I have regular water bottles, they are easy to carry and get to when needed.  I also have several 2-liter bottles in milk crates.  The bulk of the water that would go with us if we had to evacuate is in 5 gallon water cubes.  These are the blue ones and are stackable in the house until needed. They look like this.  You can also thread in a spigot for easy dispensing of water.

5 gallon blue poly water cube, stackable

See the raised U shape on the top? There is an indent the same shape on the bottom, so they stack together nicely.


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