How to be Prepared on a Disney vacation

Bring disposable ponchos

Besides Disneyland, we also went to Sea world and Universal Studios and both have shows that involve water.  Most attendees, have no desire to get wet and so they won’t sit in the ‘Soak/Splash Zone” (which happen to be the best seats)  So with a full house we just walked right in took out seats in the you’re-gonna-get-wet spot and pulled out the ponchos.  Sure you can buy ponchos at the parks for…ahem $7 EACH, remember there was 10 of us, but I’d rather be prepared and hold on to that money (for a couple of Dole pineapple whips). Our local Dollar Tree had these ponchos in a 2-pack for a buck.

Us in rain ponchos ready for the water shows

Does it rain at Theme Parks? Yep, especially if Shamu is in town.

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