How to Get Rid of Warts, without duct tape

They are unsightly, embarrassing and often painful if they pop up in the wrong place.

Warts are a pain, in more ways than one.  Have you had a wart that just would not go away?

I have and with 6 kids we’ve tried all kinds of things from freezing to burning to drug store remedies to duct tape (yep…even went there :/ ) I’ve even made my own concoctions with essential oil blend recipes that I found online.  Nothing worked.

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My Homemade Essential Oil Blend to remove warts

Then one day I was visiting with a friend at church, I don’t remember how the topic of warts came up but she said she had something we should try.  She told me the story of her husbands 27 plantar warts that covered the bottom of his feet and made it so he could hardly walk.  She had tried everything too and was desperate so she dug in, researched the heck out of it and developed something that DID work.

We’d had tried everything else so I agreed to give her remedy a go.

Having had so many failures I was a pretty sure that this would also fail – BUT I WAS WRONG — IT WORKED!

My 11-year-old had 3 warts on the bottom of her foot, right near the crease of her toes.  Being the skeptic that I am, I wanted to be a little scientific about this test so we applied the Wart Paste to only one of the warts.  She was consistent in applying the paste each night and in about 3 weeks, the wart was gone, gone, gone.  You can see in the before and after pics below.

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The wart is gone

I’m not sure why I doubted, it’s not that I didn’t trust my friend, after all, it worked for her husbands 27 warts…can you even imagine?  I had 1 plantar wart on the ball of my foot when I was ten and I’m here to tell you that it was not fun to walk on that or to have it removed, they tried burning first then I had to go back and have it dug out.  I had a hole in my foot the size of a marble.  I still have vivid memories about every detail of that Doctor visit. {shudder} I’m so glad my kids don’t have to go through that.

The best part about this Wart Paste is that it’s all natural, no chemicals, parabens, alcohol, acids or other nasty stuff. It’s chemical free, pain-free and it works.  Go get some and see for yourself.

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