Wendy DeWitt Food Storage Seminar Continued..

Now on to parts 2, 3 and 4

In part  2 Wendy talks about her disclaimer and how to get the booklet that she refers to in the presentation.

You can find those booklets here:

Everything under the Sun, by Wendy Dewitt

Everything…Made Simple, by Wendy Dewitt

Todo de una manera sencilla, Spanish Version



Then in part 3 she gets in to the meat of her system.  Just enjoy the video, all the info is in the booklet.



Part 4 is about the equivalency page which will help a ton in the figuring part of menu planning for your meal plan food supply.


There are just a few more.  Still to come, Bottling chocolate, Oh Yeah,  That makes me happy!

I know that my crisis will go much more smoothly when I am able to rotate my bottled chocolate.  Rotate, rotate, rotate.  Especially when it’s CHOCOLATE!


Please note:  Wendy DeWitt is very generous with her information and is happy to share it.  I also try to reach as many people as possible, so please also share the videos above, I would just ask that if you post them on another website that you be sure to add a source link.  Thanks

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