Where do I start?

Door Mat that says Welcome

Don’t worry about taking your shoes off, I’m not that kind of gal, I chose brown carpet on purpose.  You, and your mismatched socks can thank me later. (speaking from my experience here, because I’m sure that you never wear mismatched socks)

First, before you (or I) forget, add your email in the box in the very top right of this page so that you’ll be sure to get all the new stuff.  While this blog is in its infancy, there is a TON of useful info in my brain that I’ll be sharing just as soon as I can.  Subscribing by email makes it so easy to get the info without missing a thing  New posts come to your email box automatically when I post them so you don’t have to remember to check back for new stuff. That way if you get distracted or have to go put out a fire (figurative or literal), you’ll be able to find your way back.  I promise never to send anything that is not of value.

If you want to jump right in, start with this series on preparing for an Evacuation of your home.  It’s certainly something we never really want to do.  But we are seeing the need more and more.  If you watch the news you’ll see situations almost every day were people have to leave their homes, some for an hour or two, sometimes families  never get to come back to the  home they knew.

Want to know a little more about me, or why I started this blog then click accordingly.

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  1. Rebecca Tobiasson says:

    Thank you Andrea for helping us all get prepared!

    • ready1 says:

      You are Welcome Rebecca, I love what I do, thanks for listening 🙂

  2. David H Bailey says:

    Thanks for your effort in making me do what I need to do.

    • ready1 says:

      You’re welcome David, Glad to be of help. Please share with your family and friends so they’ll be ready too. 🙂

  3. Mary Urban says:

    Good job! I like knowing how to eat the elephant, one bite at a time ;o
    So where is the sidebar to put my name to receive the posts?

    • ready1 says:

      working on that…I think it’s a theme setting. I’m working on the tech part of this site but that is the hardest part. One character in the wrong place and nothing works…code is not very forgiving. You can, I’ve noticed, get to the subscription form on the home page. Sorry for the confusion…I’m right there with ya.

  4. Tina Day says:

    Please alert me of your new posts. I got your info from your friends who are the Stake Emergency Prep coordinators for the Hobble Creek Stake.

    • ready1 says:

      Hi Tina,
      Sorry about the confusion with setting up an email subscription. I’ll add your email to the list, you’ll just need to confirm it when that email comes into your inbox. Then when I post something new, it comes right to you. I’m not too technical, and I have lots of functionality that I want to add, but it’s making my brain hurt trying to figure it out…I need a web master sitting right by me to get this stuff done…know anyone? 🙂

  5. Kathy says:

    Please email new “stuff” to me!

    • ready1 says:

      Hi Kathy,
      I added your email to the subscribe by email box and so you should be getting an email to confirm. Just click the link to confirm and you’ll get all the new stuff 🙂 Too bad that stuff can’t include chocolate every now and again huh? Thanks for subscribing.

  6. Nice job! I like your blog Andrea! Thanks for the sharing.

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